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Fascinating Gold Bar Is a Reminder of Bygone Gold Rush
The US Assay Office in New York City was once a bustling center for testing gold and turning it into something new. The story behind the building that created fascinating items, such as the 12.13 ounce New York Assay Office gold ingot from 1943 that Heritage Auctions will be offering in our Aug. 3-9 US Coin Sale #1318, is almost as interesting as the pieces themselves. ; Read more...
Industry Groups Cautions Buyers to Enjoy 2020 "Gold Rush" Prudently
Accredited Precious Metals Dealers (APMD) warns buyers of physical gold and silver to be wary of potential counterfeits in the marketplace, mistaking plated "gold coins" for bullion products, and avoid overpaying for any purchases. ; Read more...
Publishers Message: #cancelculture of Shows Hits the Coin Market (August 2020 Greysheet)
In the numismatic trade we can more fairly apply this term to the cancellation of coin shows all over the world due to the corona virus outbreak and social distancing precautions. ; Read more...

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