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Since 1963, the history of the Greysheet has been one of expanding series coverage to meet dealer's needs. As the publication became indispensable to the dealer community, dealers demanded even more information! The history of the coin business over the last three decades has been one of change, and the CDN has changed right along with the market. As the grading definitions changed over the years, the Greysheet changed to reflect appropriate prices for Bids using the new definitions. In 1963, it was sufficient to have Greysheet columns for XF and Uncirculated only. In 1972, columns for BU & Gem BU (MS65) began to appear, and in 1981 MS63s made their first appearance. By early 1986, the MS64 column was added; that same year, the Professional Coin Grading Service's decision to use all numbers between MS60 & MS70 extended the changes even further.

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