Frequently Asked Questions

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The answer is YES. Increasing the font size and overall readability of the printed newsletters is a top priority. It's more complicated than you would expect as simply making the type bigger means there will not be room across the page (wide). So we are working on a full redesign of the newsletters, starting with the Greysheet. We anticipate the new design will before January 2016. (9/15)

The pricing of coins and currency in our publications is derived by our team using an informed mix of data values from online trading networks (CoinPlex, CoinNet), auction prices realized, dealer feedback, wholesale buy lists, dealer sell lists and more. Our system is proprietary and we cannot share any information on any specific items, but we welcome feedback on any item where you feel the price is incorrect.

Please visit our advertising information page for complete information on the various advertising and promotion products we have available.

Absolutely. We welcome guest commentary and specialty articles to run in the Monthly Supplement and Greensheet (Currency). Please send an email to