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Douglas Winter Numismatics was founded in 1985 by Doug Winter. This company specializes in buying and selling choice and rare examples of United States coins struck between 1795 and 1933.

Doug Winter is a keen student of numismatic history and has sought to establish a world-class numismatic firm which embraces technology and current market trends with old-time numismatic values.

The “Mission Statement” of Douglas Winter Numismatics is simple. This company does not seek to be the “biggest” or the “most diversified” numismatic firm in America. Instead, Douglas Winter Numismatics seeks to be the best at what it knows how to do best: buying, selling and trading rare United States coins.

What Can DWN Do for Me?

Douglas Winter Numismatics helps collectors and investors make sound, informed decisions about potential coin purchases.

It is imperative for any collector or investor to establish a close working relationship with a specialist in the area in which he has decided to collect. If you have decided to focus on choice and rare 18th, 19th and 20th century United States gold coins, Douglas Winter Numismatics can be an invaluable ally. We’ve been told that we are an easy company to do business with. This is no accident. We treat people the way we want to be treated in a business relationship: with fairness, courtesy, integrity and complete trust. Most of our new customers are referrals from satisfied current customers.

The services which Douglas Winter Numismatics offers include the following:

  • Suggesting collecting and investing directions and goals. As you are getting started in numismatics, we can help match a series of type of coin with your budget and your sense of aesthetics.

  • Selling coins to you via private treaty sale. Unlike most dealers, we are not brokers. We maintain a $1 million+ inventory of rare gold coins which is constantly changing. We generally work on a buy/sell spread of 15%. We do not employ salesmen and are opposed to hard-sell tactics. We are always happy to repurchase coins we sell and will often give extremely liberal trade-ins on pieces purchased from us which are being used for upgrade purposes.

  • Representing you at auction. For a fee of 5%, we will bid on any coin of interest to you. We attend every major sale held in the United States and frequently purchase coins for clients. Before the sale, we will view the coins which interest you and call you with an accurate verbal condition report.

  • Selling your coins via outright purchase, consignment or through auction. When it comes time to sell your coins, Douglas Winter Numismatics will be actively involved. We will either make an offer to purchase your coins directly from you (we bought over $100 million worth of coins from 2000 to 2007 from our client base) or take them on consignment. If you would rather place your coins in an auction, we can help you negotiate very favorable terms with any of the major firms.

  • Timely advice and open lines of communication. Rare coins are the only business which Douglas Winter Numismatics is engaged in. We attend every major convention and auction and are in constant communication with all of the “players” in the wholesale and retail arenas. We know what is going on in the market and we would like to share this information with you. We are easily reachable and are known for providing blunt, honest answers about coins and the market in general.

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