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About Congo, Republic

The area north of the Congo River came under French sovereignty in 1880 and was originally known as French Congo. In 1903, the colony’s name was officially changed to Middle Congo. On 15 January 1910, French Equatorial Africa was formed by combining Middle Congo with Chad, Gabon, and Oubangui-Chari (the modern Central African Republic). Following the revision of the French constitution that established the Fifth Republic in 1958, French Equatorial Africa dissolved; its constituent parts reformed into autonomous colonies within the French Community. During these reforms, Middle Congo became known as the Republic of the Congo (the neighboring former Belgian colony chose the same name, so they are commonly called Congo-Brazzaville and Congo-Kinshasa, after their respective capitals), and was granted full independence on 15 August 1960.

World Currency / Congo, Republic
Banque Centrale
Banque des États de l’Afrique Centrale

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