CDN Values for: 1922 no D Strong Reverse 1c MS BN Die Pair 2

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1922 no D Strong Reverse 1c MS BN Die Pair 2

Catalog Details

The 1922 no D cent is one of the greatest varieties of the Lincoln series, gaining prominence not necessarily because collectors knew it was a scarce error but rather in the wake of many believing it to be a Philadelphia-minted coin. Struck at the Denver mint, the 1922 no D resulted after a severe die clash all but destroyed the reverse die and did some damage to the obverse die. A mint employee replaced the reverse die and filed or polished out damage on the obverse die, inadvertently removing the ?D? mintmark in the process.

There are a number of 1922 penny varieties that show the faintest hint of mintmark, a weak mintmark, and the normal complete mintmark. Any of the varieties in which the mintmark is even faintly visible are worth far less than the scarcest, most sought-after variant, that of course being the 1922 plain cent. Collectors and dealers should both be wary when intending to buy a 1922 no D cent that they aren?t purchasing a piece masquerading as a plain cent. Three of the most important diagnostics for gauging the authenticity of the 1922 no D cent is the characteristically strong reverse, a weaker second 2 in the date, and particular strength of the word TRUST in the motto.

While the mintage of the 1922 no D cent stood at 7,160,000 pieces, there are probably only 15,000 surviving examples of the 1922 plain cent. The coin is considered rare in all grades, and especially so in Mint State, where even Brown specimens are counted in only the dozens.
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Coin Date: 1922 no D
Denom: 1c / Cent
Desg: MS
Mint Mark: D
Mint Location: Denver
Coinage Type: Lincoln, Wheat reverse (Bronze)
Coinage Years: 1909-1958
Composition: 95% copper; 5% zinc & tin
Variety: Strong Reverse
Variety 2: Die Pair 2
Strike Type: Business
Diameter: 19 mm
Weight: 3.11 gr
Designer: Victor D. Brenner
Edge: Plain
Catalog #: 3285
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