CDN Values for: 1943-PDS (3 Coin Set) 1c MS

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Catalog Details

Sets of 1943 steel cents containing one example each of the Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco Mint issues are popular offerings among coin collectors and non-collectors alike. There is a difference between the types of sets commonly sold to non-collectors versus those who are more diehard numismatists.

Sets marketed to coin collectors normally contain original-quality examples in lightly circulated or uncirculated condition. However, many of the sets sold via magazine or newspaper inserts to the general public contain so-called reprocessed cents, which are typically circulated examples that have been stripped of their original zinc coating and recoated. While reprocessed cents may appear new to the untrained eye, most collectors classify such pieces as altered and thus of little numismatic value. Most 1943 cents are common through the Gem Uncirculated grades, though they are tougher to find in grades above MS67.
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Coin Date: 1943-PDS
Denom: 1c / Cent
Desg: MS
Mint Location: Various
Coinage Type: Lincoln, Wheat reverse (Steel)
Coinage Years: 1943
Composition: Zinc coated Steel
Variety: (3 Coin Set)
Strike Type: Business
Diameter: 19 mm
Weight: 2.7 gr
Designer: Victor D. Brenner
Edge: Plain
Catalog #: set1943cent
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