Catalog Notes for 1907 High Relief $20 MS [Type]: The 1907 high-relief $20 Saint-Gaudens gold double eagle is one of the most singularly popular coins the United States has ever made. Featuring Augustus Saint-Gaudens’ beautiful striding Liberty and flying eagle designs in high-relief format as the renowned artist originally intended, the 1907 high-relief Saint-Gaudens coins are treasured by collectors.

The 1907 high-relief Saint-Gaudens double eagles include the rare 1907 wire rim and 1907 flat rim double eagles. The wire rim and flat rim are quite distinguishable from each other, with the former indicated by a very narrow, wire-like ridge encircling the entire extreme outer periphery of the coin. The flat rim, meanwhile, shows a broad, flattish rim. These edge varieties were not necessarily intentional but rather a result of the striking process. The wire rim was inadvertently created due to a looser fit within the coin’s retaining collar, with pressure creating a tiny ridge on the edges of the finished coins with the repeated strikes each piece saw.

The high-relief double eagles were struck three to five times apiece, owing to the incredible detail of these coins. Yet that also illustrates why the high-relief Saints were impractical to produce for circulation. While the 1907 high-relief Saint-Gaudens double eagles have low mintages, many of these pieces were saved by collectors and thus are widely available in the marketplace. The wire rim double eagles are about twice to three times more common than the flat rim pieces.
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Catalog Details

Denom: $20 / Double Eagle
Desg: MS
Mint Mark: P
Mint Location: Philadelphia
Coinage Type: Saint Gaudens, no motto
Coinage Years: 1907-1908
Composition: 90% gold; 10% copper
Variety: High Relief
Strike Type: Business
Diameter: 34 mm
Fineness: 0.9675
Weight: 33.436 gr
Designer: Augustus Saint-Gaudens
Edge: Reeded
Catalog #: 9133