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Series Overview: $10 Liberty Gold (Proof)

Liberty Head $10 eagle proofs were struck for the duration of the series, which spanned from 1838 through 1907 and was designed by Christian Gobrecht. Virtually all proofs were struck at the Philadelphia Mint, though the New Orleans Mint did produce special strikes in 1844 and 1904. The 1844-O and 1904-O special strike $10 Liberty Head gold coins are technically in a separate numismatic class from the proofs proper, though some collectors choose to collect the special strikes along with the proofs.

$10 Liberty Head eagles are categorized into two subtypes, including the No Motto (?IN GOD WE TRUST?) Above Eagle motif produced 1838 through 1866 and the Motto Above Eagle motif minted from 1866 through 1907. As very few proof issues from the series ever exceeded 100 pieces minted during any given year, Liberty Head $10 proofs can be broadly classified as exceedingly scarce, with all pre-1860 pieces ? which number in mere handfuls ? categorically rare.

With 20 examples struck, the 1875 proof $10 Liberty Head isn?t much scarcer than its other 1870s proof counterparts, which were generally minted to the tune of 20 to 30 pieces each. However, as the 1875 business strike had a mintage of only 100 and is today one of the rarest $10 eagles, many collectors also pursue 1875 proof eagles and, thus, demand is substantially higher for proof examples for that year (as a Philadelphia example) than they are for other proofs and therefore prices are much higher for 1875 proof eagles than they are for other similarly scarce proofs.

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