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Series Overview: $10 Platinum Eagles (Proof)

Proof $10 platinum American Eagles were struck from 1997 until 2008 at the West Point Mint in New York. $10 platinum eagles contain a tenth-ounce of pure platinum and are popular with bullion investors who wish to buy precious metal coins that are highly recognizable and easy to liquidate. However, proof specimens of the $10 platinum eagle are also enjoyed by coin collectors, who appreciate John Mercanti’s regal obverse design of the Statue of Liberty and the resplendent depictions on the reverse. The original reverse design in 1997 showcased an American eagle in flight by Thomas D. Rogers, but from 1998 until the end of the series a new reverse was featured each year.

$10 platinum eagle proofs are generally not much more expensive than their uncirculated counterparts, though a few issues are considerably scarce due to their low mintages. These include the 2004-W, 2005-W, and 2008-W $10 platinum proof eagles, each of which have mintages of fewer than 10,000 pieces. Overall, proof platinum eagles have enjoyed a relatively strong following, as platinum bullion coins are not as widely produced as silver and gold coins and therefore attract investors and collectors who wish to add something a little different to their precious metals portfolios.