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Series Overview: $2.50 Indian Gold (Proof)

Proof $2.50 Indian Head gold coins were made from 1908 through 1915, representing the earlier period of the entire series run, which spanned from 1908 through 1929. As with most other proof coins of the era, the Indian Head $2.50 proofs feature a matte finish and therefore generally look duller than the earlier proofs with ?brilliant? finishes but boast crisper details than ordinary business-strike examples. Also notable among these matte proofs are the sandblast surfaces, which provide a distinctive, textured finish versus the smoother fields associated with circulation strikes.

In general, all proof Indian Head $2.50 quarter eagles are seen with similar frequency in the lower proof grades. However, the lowest-mintage issue, the 1915 quarter eagle, which registered just 100 pieces, is somewhat more challenging than the other proofs in this short-lived series. All proof examples are challenging in the gem grades or better, with some pieces downright rare in PF66 or higher.

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