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Series Overview: $5 Liberty Gold (Proof)

Liberty Head $5 gold proof half eagles were designed by Christian Gobrecht and were in production throughout the duration of the series from 1839 through 1908. Early proof Liberty Head half eagles are extraordinarily rare, most with tiny mintages of 10 or fewer pieces. It wasn?t until the late 1850s when mintages consistently increased into the dozens, providing a few more examples from each issue for which collectors can vie.

Generally, all $5 Liberty Head proof coins, even those that are relatively more common, vary from the high four figures to mid five figures pricewise. Proofs from the 1850s and earlier typically trade in the six-figure range. As with any 19th- and early 20th-century proof coins, any Liberty Head $5 proof coin with brilliant surfaces and cameo devices is worth more than a similar proof with dull or cloudy surfaces.

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