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Series Overview: Barber Quarters (Proof)

Proof Barber quarters, formally known as Liberty Head quarters, were struck throughout most of the duration of the series, which ran from 1892 through 1916. Barber quarters, which were designed by Charles E. Barber, are popular as a series today. However, relatively few collectors make an effort (or, rather, have the discretionary finances) to collect all of the proof Barber quarters, though individually the coins are relatively available for prices that some ambitious type collectors would deem affordable.

All proof Barber quarters are roughly of equal scarceness and price point, however cameo and deep cameo specimens are rare and trade for premiums well above prices listed for standard proofs. There were no proof Barber quarters issued after 1915, which for this series marked the beginning of a two-decade hiatus from striking proof coinage at the United States Mint.

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