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Series Overview: Cents - Uncirculated

Uncirculated rolls of cents contain 50 individual singles of the same date and mintmark wrapped into a single roll. Uncirculated rolls can be either original bank rolls or so-called �put-together� rolls of coins. The obvious mandate with an uncirculated roll of one-cent coins is that all coins must grade at least MS60, and all coins within in the roll must be of the same date and mintmark combination.

While it�s not unusual to find some particularly nice specimens in a roll of uncirculated coins � especially unsearched bank-wrapped rolls � the expectation with rolls is that the coins range from MS60 to about MS63, representing an uncirculated coin of typical quality. One reason a person may buy a roll is to individually sell the coins as singles or to build multiple sets of coins. Collectors and dealers alike also enjoy searching uncirculated rolls for potential cherrypicking of scarce and valuable errors and varieties.