Gold: 1898.58
Silver: 24.51
Platinum: 902.25
Palladium: 2337.50
How much are my U.S. Platinum Eagle Sets worth?

About Platinum Eagle Sets

American Platinum Eagles are popular bullion coins that have been released by the US Mint in various formats since 1997. Platinum eagles have been offered in various sizes and denominations, including the tenth-ounce with a face value of $10, the quarter-ounce $25 eagle, the half-ounce $50 issue, and one-ounce $100 coin.

Most platinum eagle sets include one proof example of each denomination, totaling four coins. However, there have been other configurations of platinum eagle sets, such as the 2007-W 10th anniversary two-coin proof platinum eagle set featuring one regular proof and a reverse proof example of the half-ounce platinum eagles. Many of these sets have small mintages and are somewhat challenging to find in the marketplace.

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