Series Overview

Uncirculated rolls of quarters encompass 40 individual singles of the same date and mintmark in one roll, either a paper wrapper or rigid plastic tube. Some collectors and dealers prefer original bank-wrapped rolls, but these are rare for older issues and thus hard to come by � and much more expensive than generic aftermarket, or �put-together� rolls containing 40 uncirculated quarters. The only requirements for an aftermarket roll of quarters is that it contains 40 specimens of the same date-and-mintmark combination all grading at least MS60.

There are many perks of buying a roll of uncirculated quarters, including the inherent opportunities to cherrypick scarce varieties or high-end Mint State specimens. Such episodes of good luck may occur less frequently in a roll of uncirculated coins put together by another dealer or collector. However, a remarkable number of nice coins or pieces containing minor die varieties or errors manage to slip past even the most skilled of coin professionals. A dealer�s main purpose in buying a roll of coins is to parcel out the coins as singles for sale individually or within sets of coins. A typical uncirculated roll contains coins ranging in grade from MS60 to approximately MS63.