How much are my U.S. Capped Bust Quarters worth?

About Capped Bust Quarters

While the quarter denomination was authorized in 1792, the first quarter was not issued until 1796 with the release of the first Draped Bust quarter, credited to designer Gilbert Stuart and engraver Robert Scot. Draped Bust quarters were struck from 1796 through 1807, with a hiatus spanning from 1797 through 1803.

All Draped Bust quarters are scarce, with the first-year type the rarest of all issues. Only 6,146 were minted, and Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) estimates that only 650 remain across all grades, with fewer than 100 still preserved in uncirculated condition. Another important series rarity is the 1804 Draped Bust quarter, which saw a mintage of just 6,738 yet has fewer than 400 survivors today ? and just half a dozen in uncirculated.

The 1805, 1806, and 1807 Draped Bust quarters have mintages in the low six figures, but today only a couple thousand or so of each exist. Variety enthusiasts will find some interesting pieces among the Draped Bust, with the 1806 date featuring the most popular ? an 1806 Over 5 overdate.

U.S. Coin Values


Mintage: 89,235

sample image for 1815

U.S. Coin Values


Mintage: 361,174

sample image for 1818

U.S. Coin Values


Mintage: 361,174

sample image for 1818/5

U.S. Coin Values

1819 Sm. 9

Mintage: 144,000

sample image for 1819 Sm. 9

U.S. Coin Values

1819 Lg. 9

sample image for 1819 Lg. 9

U.S. Coin Values

1820 Sm. 0

sample image for 1820 Sm. 0

U.S. Coin Values

1820 Lg. 0

sample image for 1820 Lg. 0

U.S. Coin Values


Mintage: 216,851

sample image for 1821

U.S. Coin Values


Mintage: 64,080

sample image for 1822

U.S. Coin Values

1822 25c/50c

sample image for 1822 25c/50c

U.S. Coin Values


Mintage: 17,800

sample image for 1823/2

U.S. Coin Values


Mintage: 168,000

sample image for 1824/2

U.S. Coin Values


sample image for 1825/2

U.S. Coin Values


sample image for 1825/4

U.S. Coin Values


Mintage: 102,000

sample image for 1828

U.S. Coin Values

1828 25/50c

sample image for 1828 25/50c

U.S. Coin Values

1831 Sm. Letters

Mintage: 398,000

sample image for 1831 Sm. Letters

U.S. Coin Values

1831 Lg. Letters

Mintage: 398,000

sample image for 1831 Lg. Letters

U.S. Coin Values


Mintage: 320,000

sample image for 1832

U.S. Coin Values


Mintage: 156,000

sample image for 1833

U.S. Coin Values


Mintage: 286,000

sample image for 1834

U.S. Coin Values


Mintage: 1,952,000

sample image for 1835

U.S. Coin Values


Mintage: 472,000

sample image for 1836

U.S. Coin Values


Mintage: 252,400

sample image for 1837

U.S. Coin Values


sample image for 1838

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