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Further information is sought regarding the Dian Kian Gui Bianky Moujigy (DKG). The name of this issuer, as well as other text on the notes, appears in the now defunct Latinxua Sin Wenz (Latinized New Script). This was the first romanization system used in place of Chinese characters by native Chinese speakers and was developed by groups of Chinese and Russian scholars in the USSR. For a time, shortly before and after the Communist Revolution of 1949, the system was very important in spreading literacy. On 8 July 1949, the Dian Kian Gui Bianky Moujigy merged with the Yu Ming Bank of Kiangsi (B71401) and the Hsin Liu Bank (not known to have issued banknotes) to form the Southern People’s Bank (B28601).

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1 yan (yuan)
(B28401a, PS3719)

Worth: $70.00 - $600
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5 yan (yuan)
(B28402a, PS3720)

Worth: $80.00 - $775
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