Series Overview

While the vast majority of commemorative coins issued by the United States Mint between 1892 and 1954 were released with only business-strike or uncirculated surfaces, a few issues saw limited proof production. These proofs, numbering most cases in the hundreds or less, are extremely rare in the context of classic commemorative coinage and are highly sought after by US coin enthusiasts.

Among the proof classic commemorative coins are:  
  • 1893 Isabella quarter
  • 1892 Columbian half dollar
  • 1922 Grant with Star half dollar
  • 1925 Vancouver half dollar
  • 1903 Jefferson gold dollar
  • 1903 McKinley gold dollar
  • 1904 Lewis & Clark gold dollar
  • 1925 Norse gold medal
  All of these proof classic commemorative coins trade for four figure prices or more and are, in most cases, remarkably challenging to find. While commemorative enthusiasts don�t generally pursue these coins as part of a regular-issue set, some of the more affluent specialists do seek these coins. The inclusion of these coins in any collection � needless to say � helps separate those commemorative sets from more �ordinary� commemorative coin collections that include only the relatively more common business-strike examples.