How much are my U.S. Fractional Currency Fifth Issue worth?

About Fifth Issue

The Civil War, lasting from 1861 through 1865, was a trying time for the United States. The young nation was threatened to be torn apart forever at its very seams, and for a time it all but did. While the Union ultimately prevailed, the economy suffered mightily during the period of southern rebellion. Many hoarded even small change, and this caused a crippling coin shortage that pushed the United States to issuing so-called Fractional Currency, or paper currency with face values of less than $1.

These notes were produced in five major issues, with the Fifth Issue printed from February 26, 1874 to February 15, 1876. The notes printed in the Fifth Issue include only the 10-cent, 25-cent, and 50-cent denominations, with each denomination bearing a different design.

U.S. Currency Values

Fr.1265 10c Long Key

sample image for Fr.1265 10c Long Key

U.S. Currency Values

Fr.1266 10c Short Key

sample image for Fr.1266 10c Short Key

U.S. Currency Values

Fr.1308 25c Long Key

sample image for Fr.1308 25c Long Key

U.S. Currency Values

Fr.1309 25c Short Key

sample image for Fr.1309 25c Short Key

U.S. Currency Values

Fr.1380 50c

U.S. Currency Values

Fr.1381 50c

sample image for Fr.1381 50c

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