How much are my U.S. Flying Eagle Cents (Proof) worth?

About Flying Eagle Cents (Proof)

The inception of the Flying Eagle Cent was the U.S. Mint’s farewell to Large Cents and introduction to the Small Cents we have until this day. The Flying Eagle Series was designed by Longacre and put into motion with approval from Mint Director Snowden. These small cents are very collectable and desirable all around but it is this short 3-year series of the Flying Eagles that gives enthusiasts the most trouble. Not only is there the infamous 1856 Flying Eagle but in proof strikes all issues were produced in miniscule numbers making current surviving specimens few and far between. Any proof Flying Eagle Cent is worth thousands at a minimum. These coins, although being proof, lack deep cameo surfaces for the most part. Another unique fact about this short series is that they are far thicker than any other small cent the Mint would ever strike again. Even though the series is known for its 1856 proof, actually all 3 other issues had lower mintages. As the years went on the production dwindled from over a thousand coins down to double digit mintages. The biggest complaint with these coins are their weakness of strike which is a common obstacle for modern collectors and what is thought to be the reasoning for why production of this design was so short.

U.S. Coin Values

1856 Flying Eagle 1c PR

Mintage: 2000

sample image for 1856 Flying Eagle 1c PR

U.S. Coin Values

1857 Flying Eagle 1c PR

Mintage: 100

sample image for 1857 Flying Eagle 1c PR

U.S. Coin Values

1857 Flying Eagle 1c PR CAM

Mintage: 100

sample image for 1857 Flying Eagle 1c PR CAM

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