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Series Overview: Gold Certificates - Large

Gold certificates, redeemable to the bearer in gold coin, were originally issued in 1865. Over the course of the next several decades, a wide variety of designs and denominations would come forth. The reverses of gold certificates are a shade of orange, giving rise to their common nickname, "goldbacks."

The first three issues, released from 1865 through 1875, were little used in circulation and are all extremely rare today, with several issues existing with just one known specimen. The fourth and later issues are comparatively much more common, particularly those of denominations ranging from $10 to $100. Higher-denomination issues are very rare, and many documented varieties of $1,000 and higher-value notes are unknown to exist.

Gold certificates were used until 1933, marking the time when the United States effectively removed the Gold Standard under Executive Order 6102, signed by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt during the depths of the Great Depression. While gold certificates were used until 1933, there was a small number of now-rare small-size Gold Certificates issued as Series 1934.

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