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The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Company (HSBC) was founded on 3 March 1865, and is one of the Hong Kong’s three note-issuing banks today (the other two being the Bank of China and the Standard Chartered Bank). Most early HSBC notes bear a handwritten signature of the chief accountant and a printed signature of the chief manager. Up until 1941, the signatures on the 500-dollar notes are both handwritten, but not by the same o cials that signed other denominations of the same dates, presumably as a precaution for the highest denomination note. From 1913 to 1935, the 1-dollar notes have both signatures printed. In 1940, the 5-dollar notes have both signatures printed. In 1941, all denominations have both signatures printed. In 1982 and 1983, the left signatory was the manager. From 1985 onward, only one signature appears, either of the general manager or executive director.

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