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Series Overview: Morgan Dollars (DMPL)

Morgan dollars with deep mirror proof-like surfaces, generally dubbed DMPL Morgans, are among the most highly coveted of all business-strike Morgan dollars. DMPL Morgan dollars are those that were struck with highly reflective fields closely resembling the surfaces of a bona fide proof coin.

However, the major distinction between a proof Morgan dollar and a DMPL Morgan dollar is that while the former was manufactured as a proof, the latter was not intentionally struck with mirrorlike surfaces and was not struck as a proof coin. The reflective fields of a DMPL Morgan dollar are usually imparted either through the use of new dies or older dies that were recently polished.

Distinguishing a DMPL Morgan dollar from its less-reflective PL (or proof-like) counterpart typically involves testing the distance from which an item held near the surface of the coin can still be seen as a clear reflection in the coin’s fields. By most standards, a Morgan dollar will qualify for the DMPL designation if an object, such as a pencil, can be clearly seen in the fields at a distance of at least six inches. In addition to their reflective fields, many DMPL Morgan dollars also boast frosted devices, resembling the cameo effect seen on some proof coinage.