How much are my U.S. Peace Dollars worth?

About Peace Dollars

The Peace dollar, designed by Anthony de Francisci, was minted from 1921 through 1935 and replaced the long-running Morgan dollar. While not nearly as popular as its famous predecessor, the Peace dollar maintains a sizable and loyal base of collectors who find the coin?s beauty, relatively short production run, and few expensive key dates attractive attributes.

The scarcest regular-issue Peace dollar is the 1928, which serves as the series key. Meanwhile, the 1934-S is challenging in all grades and relatively rare in upper circulated and uncirculated condition. The 1921 is a scarce first-year coin and the only regular-strike issue in the series boasting a high-relief strike. Various accounts indicate some 35,000 high-relief 1922 Peace dollars were struck but virtually all melted after die breakage problems proved too daunting to overcome. One high-relief 1922 Peace dollar is known in VF, though this may actually be a circulated high-relief proof specimen, of which there are about 10 known specimens. All of these high-relief 1922 Peace dollars trade for high-five and low-six-figure sums.

The most common Peace dollars are circulated low-relief specimens from 1922 and all 1923, 1924, 1925, and 1926 issues. Later issues are better dates. All Peace dollars, including the more-common mid-1920s dates, are exceedingly scarce in grades of MS66 or MS67.


U.S. Coin Values

1921-1935 Peace $1 MS [Type]

sample image for 1921-1935 Peace $1  MS [Type]

U.S. Coin Values

1921-1935 Set (24 Coins) $1 MS

sample image for 1921-1935 Set (24 Coins) $1  MS

U.S. Coin Values

1922 $1 MS

sample image for 1922 $1  MS

U.S. Coin Values

1922-D $1 MS

Mintage: 15,063,000

sample image for 1922-D $1  MS

U.S. Coin Values

1922-S $1 MS

Mintage: 17,475,000

sample image for 1922-S $1  MS

U.S. Coin Values

1923 $1 MS

Mintage: 30,800,000

sample image for 1923 $1  MS

U.S. Coin Values

1923-D $1 MS

Mintage: 6,811,000

sample image for 1923-D $1  MS

U.S. Coin Values

1923-S $1 MS

Mintage: 19,020,000

sample image for 1923-S $1  MS

U.S. Coin Values

1924 $1 MS

Mintage: 11,811,000

sample image for 1924 $1  MS

U.S. Coin Values

1924-S $1 MS

Mintage: 1,728,000

sample image for 1924-S $1  MS

U.S. Coin Values

1925 $1 MS

Mintage: 10,198,000

sample image for 1925 $1  MS

U.S. Coin Values

1925-S $1 MS

Mintage: 1,610,000

sample image for 1925-S $1  MS

U.S. Coin Values

1926 $1 MS

Mintage: 1,939,000

sample image for 1926 $1  MS

U.S. Coin Values

1926-D $1 MS

Mintage: 2,348,700

sample image for 1926-D $1  MS

U.S. Coin Values

1926-S $1 MS

Mintage: 6,980,000

sample image for 1926-S $1  MS

U.S. Coin Values

1927 $1 MS

Mintage: 848,000

sample image for 1927 $1  MS

U.S. Coin Values

1927-D $1 MS

Mintage: 1,268,900

sample image for 1927-D $1  MS

U.S. Coin Values

1927-S $1 MS

Mintage: 866,000

sample image for 1927-S $1  MS

U.S. Coin Values

1928 $1 MS

Mintage: 360,649

sample image for 1928 $1  MS

U.S. Coin Values

1928-S $1 MS

Mintage: 1,632,000

sample image for 1928-S $1  MS

U.S. Coin Values

1934 $1 MS

Mintage: 954,057

sample image for 1934 $1  MS

U.S. Coin Values

1934-D $1 MS

Mintage: 1,569,500

sample image for 1934-D $1  MS

U.S. Coin Values

1934-S $1 MS

Mintage: 1,011,000

sample image for 1934-S $1  MS

U.S. Coin Values

1935 $1 MS

Mintage: 1,576,000

sample image for 1935 $1  MS

U.S. Coin Values

1935-S $1 MS

Mintage: 1,964,000

sample image for 1935-S $1  MS

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