Series notes: $2.50 Liberty Gold

$2.50 Liberty gold coins were struck from 1840 through 1907 and are among the most popular gold types due to the length of the series and tantalizing mix of common dates and rare pieces. Liberty Head gold quarter eagles were designed by Christian Gobrecht and produced at the Philadelphia, Charlotte, Dahlonega, and San Francisco Mints.

Many Liberty Head $2.50 gold coins are common, especially in the lower circulated grades, but as earlier mentioned several easily qualify as rare issues. These scarce coins include all Charlotte (C) and Dahlonega (D) pieces and 1841, 1848 CAL. Above Eagle, 1854-S, 1864, and 1875 issues. With a few exceptions, all issues made before the late 1870s are scarce in MS60 or better. Later pieces are more common in the lower uncirculated grades.

Gold quarter eagles weigh 4.18 grams and consist of a 90% gold composition, totaling 0.12094 ounces of pure gold. Common-date, low-grade or damaged Liberty Head quarter eagles are often traded at levels very near to their spot value.