Series notes: V-Nickels (Proof)

Proof V (or Liberty Head) nickels exist for every year the series was struck from 1883 through 1912. The Liberty Head nickel series, which was designed by James B. Longacre, is one of the more popular minor 19th-century series.

With the exception of the multi-million-dollar proof 1913 Liberty Head nickel, which technically isn?t even a regular-issue coin, most proof Liberty Head nickels are relatively common as far as 19th-century and early 20th-century proof coins go. Most have mintages ranging from 1,700 pieces to more than 4,000 and are about on par in price with similarly graded Mint States specimens.

Only the 1885 proof Liberty Head nickel, representing the major key date year for the series, is priced significantly out of range from its series counterpart. The 1886 proof Liberty Head nickel, also a scarce year for business-strike nickels, is priced slightly higher than similarly graded proofs from most other years in the series. Proofs exist for both 1883 With Cents and 1883 Without Cents Liberty Head nickels, with the 1883 proof Without Cents nickels being only slightly scarcer than 1883 With Cents nickels.

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