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David Lawrence Rare Coins is a family business founded in 1979 by David Lawrence Feigenbaum in his spare bedroom. David, a Ph.D. in Marine Biology, was a passionate coin collector his entire life, who made the jump to coin dealing when his collecting desires exceeded his limited professor's budget. After a long battle with ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease) Dave's son, John, oversaw the company's growth until 2015. In August of 2015, John became the Publisher of the CDN Publishing and passed along the operation to John Brush.

John manages the company with the help of an extremely dedicated staff of 15 employees. Our management team has a cumulative total of over 80 years with the company. We are deeply passionate about all aspects of coin collecting but we are equally focused on bringing the latest technology advances to our hobby, and the best customer service possible. Over the years, we've helped build some of the greatest collections of our time. In some cases, we even helped to sell them. Please enjoy the following timeline of company events, as well as highlights from the long list of great coins we have placed with clients over the years.

Company Highlights/Timeline:

  • 1979: David Lawrence Rare Coins (DLRC) was founded in 1979 by David Lawrence Feigenbaum in a spare bedroom of his house in Hollywood, Florida.
  • June 1980: Dave's son, John Feigenbaum, graduates Virginia Tech and joins his father at DLRC.
  • May 1994: Mary Lee joins John and Dave as our first employee.
  • June 1995: We launched our first web site at
  • June 2003: Jason Smith joins David Lawrence
  • July 2004: DLRC Auctions sells Richmond Collection, Part 1. Over $11 million sold in the first installment.
  • November 2004: DLRC Auctions sells Richmond Collection, Part 2. Over $7 million sold in the second installment.
  • March 2005: DLRC Auctions sells Richmond Collection, Part 3. Over $6.5 million sold in the third, and final, installment.
  • September 2005: DLRC Sells rare 1870-S Liberty Seated dollar. One of only 11 known examples.
  • July 2006: John Brush joins David Lawrence Rare Coins
  • September 2007: DLRC Sells Major U.S. Currency Rarity -- $500 bill -- for over $1 Million!
  • September 2007: DLRC Sells Gem rare gem 1876-CC 20-cent piece to Jack Lee
  • December 2007: DLRC Sets World Record for Selling an 1894-S dime for $1.9 million. The most expensive U.S. dime ever sold at this time.
  • March 2008: DLRC Sells Famous 1802 Half Dime (Logan-McCloskey Plate Coin; ex: Price Collection) for $345,000.
  • April 2010: DLRC Sells Finest Known 1901-S Barber Quarter graded PCGS/CAC MS68+ -- A Major Rarity in Unbelievable Condition\
  • July 2013: DLRC Sells Another 1894-S Dime for over $2 Million -- an all-time price record that has never been exceeded for a U.S. dime.
  • January 2014: DLRC assists private client acquire numerous rarities at the Missouri Cabinet Sale, including the famous 1796 no pole half cent for $845,000.
  • December 2016: John Feigenbaum becomes Editor of Coin Dealer Newsletter.
  • December 2016: John Brush becomes President of DLRC.
  • March 2017: Gary Adkins joins DLRC.
  • August 2017: Gary Adkins elected President of the American Numismatic Association.
  • August 2017: John Brush elected to Board of Governors of Professional Numismatists Guild.
  • December 2017: Uber-Collector Dell Loy Hansen Joins DLRC as Partner.
  • December 2017: John Brush and DLRC become Curators of the greatest privately-owned U.S. Coin Collection of All-Time, the D.L. Hansen Collection.
  • 2018: DLRC sells more coins in excess of $1 million than all major auction houses combined in the calendar year.
  • January 2018: DLRC brokers Legend Collection of Seated Dollars.
  • April 2018: Numismatic Masters Auction #1 Realizes Over $1.7 million!
  • June 2018: DLRC and D.L. Hansen purchase 1804 $1 for $2.64M!