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Numismatics connects people and cultures. And that connects us.

Numismatics is international. Numismatics connects people and cultures, across borders and languages. This isn’t just an observation, it’s also our philosophy. That’s why we founded MünzenWoche/CoinsWeekly – the first ever fully bilingual numismatic publication. In our world, there are no competitors or rivals – only colleagues. That’s why we’re always striving to work with, and never against, each other, to share ideas and to communicate.

Because as long as people keep talking to one another, there is hope of cooperation, of unity. When people stop talking to each other, conflict and war are never far behind – and unfortunately, there’s already far too much of that in the world.

And talking doesn’t always mean agreeing, by the way. We present our own perspective on matters, without expecting everyone to agree with us on everything. There are some issues on which we take a clear stance: for example, when it comes to the protection of cultural heritage, we actively advocate the preservation of private collecting. If you disagree – great! Talk to us about it! We always try to approach everyone with tolerance and an open mind. That means – no matter their race, religion, cultural background, gender, or sexual identity. That means – even if we have different views. We are always open to suggestions and criticism. We love it when you get in touch with us. We’re certain that we could learn something from you or vice versa – or perhaps we could both learn from each other. That is our hope, at least.