America The Beautiful 5 Oz Silver Coin Prices Now Available On Greysheet Website

CDN Publishing · Oct 3, 2018

By Joshua McMorrow-Hernandez, Editor 

Updated prices for America The Beautiful 5-Ounce Silver Quarters, or ATB 5 ozs, represent the latest series to become available on the Greysheet online pricing website. ATB 5oz silver coins, which feature designs that are identical to the concurrent America The Beautiful Quarter series but duplicated on 5-ounce silver bullion coins, are listed on the Greysheet site with both CPG prices approximating their retail values and Greysheet prices, providing dealers insight on what these coins are bidding for in the wholesale market. While the CPG prices for ATB 5 oz silver coins are available for free, the Greysheet pricing is for paid subscribers only. Prices are for coins in MS69/MS70 condition in original government packaging as applicable.

ATB 5 oz silver coins are among the most sought after of modern bullion series, along with American Eagle coins. They are actively traded and are in high demand because they feature contemporary designs as seen on the popular ATB quarters, which are in production until at least 2021 and are available in circulation. Another reason ATB 5 oz coins are actively traded is most can be obtained for relatively little over silver spot prices.

We at CDN Publishing continue monitoring modern coin series and all others and may unroll new online pricing for a wider grade range of ATB 5 oz silver coins as market trends warrant in the months and years ahead. We have said before and will repeat here, information from coin dealers, notably bid and buy prices, is extremely important to us in compiling our market reports. So, if there are any pricing edits or suggestions you wish to make, are a dealer and want to provide us with your bid and buy prices, or are a collector and have insight or suggestions on what you’d like to see us cover, please drop us a line at We’d love to hear from you!


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