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A Token From The Sugar Cane Train
There have been many times in American history when the coins produced and available in parts of the United States have simply not been enough to accommodate the needs of trade and commerce. Rather than being forced to rely upon the barter system, ingenuity has led to the striking of tokens to fill in the gaps of commerce with a coin-like substitute. ; Read more...
A Letter from Mark Salzberg
The collectibles markets have not merely survived the COVID-19 crisis — they have thrived. The early indicators of strength and stability, including extraordinary demand for bullion and impressive auction results, proved accurate. Prices and participation have risen rapidly since the beginning of the pandemic.; Read more...
Nearly 600-Year-Old Gold Coin From the King Who Reigned Twice
King Henry VI of England was not only the King of England, but he was King twice! Ruling during a period of war and instability--the Hundred Years War--he came to power the first time at only nine months old. The baby king was watched over by advisors who ruled in his stead until 1437, when he was declared fit to rule. It was during his earlier years, between 1422 and 1430, when a wonderful gold coin was struck that is now coming up for bid at Heritage Auctions.; Read more...

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