CDN Publishing · May 26, 2017

Retail pricing in the rare coin market—or lack thereof—has long been an issue for dealers and collectors. One of the greatest laments of dealers is that collectors do not understand that Greysheet values are intended to be wholesale. We have mentioned in previous articles that we are working to address this situation, and to this end we are excited to announce a collaboration between CDN Publishing and the world’s premiere numismatic collector organization, the American Numismatic Association (ANA). Starting with the June issue, the ANA’s monthly magazine, The Numismatist, will feature eight or more pages of dedicated pricing content derived from current CDN published wholesale pricing. 

According to John Feigenbaum, CDN Publisher, “The published pricing in The Numismatist is one of our newest products, called Collector’s Price Guide, or CPG. CPG was launched a few months ago in response to dealers who have long been frustrated by the disconnect between established Greysheet pricing, and unrelated published retail values that don’t reflect these wholesale levels. CPG values are derived from CDN wholesale and move in direct relation to the wholesale market so collectors and dealers will finally be in sync.”

CPG values are available to any coin dealer who can program an API data exchange to display single pricing values on web pages with their coins for sale or auction. To date, numerous companies have taken advantage of this service, including Heritage Auctions, Stack’s-Bowers Auctions, David Lawrence Rare Coins and others.

The Numismatist is the first and only publication to print CPG value charts in a grid format for their readers. According to CDN Editor, Patrick Ian Perez, “We are thrilled to launch the print-format CPG with a partner like the ANA. When the opportunity arose to work together, we were very excited to work with Kim Kiick (ANA Executive Director), Jeff Garrett (ANA President) and the production staff at The Numismatist, led by Barbara Gregory, has been a joy to work with.” Perez continued to say that, “we are most interested in the reader feedback, of course, but we feel strongly that including CPG pricing in this important publication will raise awareness for both of our organizations, and help collectors with the most accurate pricing available.”

Initial plans for publication including a three-month rotation of pricing, starting with copper and nickel coinage in June. Silver coinage will be published in July, followed by gold coin prices in August. The sequence will repeat itself in cycle.


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