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A Focus on Some of the More Unusual Coins in the Bass Collection

With one of the most news-worthy collections coming to auction this week, Greg Reynolds focuses on a few of the more unusual items in this amazing collection.


Rare Gold Coins in Mocatta Collection Triumph During Rarities Night

This Mocatta Collection is worthy of serious analysis as contained important rarities, included significant representatives of all denominations of U.S. gold coins, was extremely fresh, and had been off the market since the 1970s.


Nova Constellatio Coppers, Part 1: Purpose & Meaning

The September Monthly Greysheet's feature article is part one of a study on Nova Constellatio Coppers.

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Impressive Run of Two Cent Pieces Fares Well in SBG Auction

On June 14 and 15, Stack's Bowers Galleries (SBG) conducted an auction at their headquarters in Costa Mesa, California. During a lot viewing session, a particularly impressive offering of Two Cent Pieces drew my attention, and these fared very well in the auction.


CAC Coins For Less Than $150 Each, Part 5: Franklin Halves

The feature editorial from the Spring 2022 edition of the CAC Rare Coin Market Review.


The Huge Historical Impact of Type 1, 3-Cent Silvers

Although all Three Cent Silvers are unusual U.S. coins, Type 1 Three Cent Silvers were historically, legally, and physically different from Type 2 and Type 3 Three Cent Silvers.


Central States Auction 2022, Part 2: U.S. $10 Gold Coins

A few of the prices realized for $10 gold coins (eagles) in the May 5 Heritage Platinum Night sessions were astonishing and many auction results were reflective of ascents in market levels that had already occurred during 2021 and early 2022.


SBG Spring Auction, Part 2: Huberman $3 Gold Pieces

In part 1, I discussed the importance of the spring SBG auction extravaganza, especially the offering of much fresh material from multiple sources. I then focused on the collection of Paul and Rosalie Zito. Here in part 2, the topic is the very impressive set of Three Dollar Gold pieces (Threes) assembled by someone named ""Huberman,"" which was auctioned by Stack's Bowers Galleries (SBG) on April 5 in Costa Mesa, California.


Spring Auction Review Part 1: Zito Collection

On April 5, the Paul and Rosalie Zito consignment of just ninety-two coins was auctioned for more than $4.25 million in total. This was a very important offering of fresh material, and a newsworthy assortment of U.S. gold coins was featured.


War and Inflation Has Not Propelled MS65 Saints

The featured article of the May 2022 Monthly Greysheet is an analysis of the recent performance of Gem-graded common date Saint-Gaudens double eagles.


A CAC-Only 1936 Proof Set is Meaningful & Practical

The feature editorial from the Spring 2022 edition of the CAC Rare Coin Market Review.


Assembling a Nice 1950 Proof Set at a Reasonable Cost

Proof sets dating from 1950 to 1955 are overlooked and not talked about very often.


Incredible '22 FUN Auction, Part 1: General Remarks & Collector Reactions

The prices realized for more than a few U.S. coins and patterns in the 2022 Heritage FUN Auction were incredibly high, very strong to extremely strong or beyond! Many other coins did not fare quite as well. The purpose of this series of discussions is to analyze the auction results of various coins, while evaluating the Simpson VII and Platinum Night sessions in the context of increases in market levels during 2021 and collecting trends in 2022.


Incredible '22 FUN Auction, Part 2: Bust $10 Gold Coins

Background information regarding the official auction of the Winter FUN Convention in January 2022 was provided in part 1 of this series. The topic here is prices realized for bust eagles (U.S. $10 gold coins) in the FUN auction, with emphasis upon market realities. Three of these were leaders in the sale and are especially newsworthy.


CAC Coins For Less Than $150 Each, Part 4: Washington Quarters

The first part of this series was about classic U.S. copper coins. The second focused on Buffalo nickels. The third concerned Barber Dimes. The topic here of the third part is a CAC-only set of regular issue, silver Washington quarters.


Buffalo Nickels: The Mirage of 3 ½ Legs

The most famous Buffalo nickel is not the rarest and is not even a distinctive date. In this article Greg Reynolds offers an opinion on Buffalo Nickel varieties.


Rarities Night Auction Puts Spotlight on Rare Half Eagles

The Stack's-Bowers Rarities Night event on Nov. 23 featured a wide assortment of rare coins. The most newsworthy and memorable section was a run of rare half eagles ($5 gold coins) which are analyzed in this article.


Panic of 1921 Spawned Famous Coins

The year 1921 is very important to many collectors of classic U.S. coins of the 20th century.


Collecting Very Fine Grade Walking Liberty Half Dollars

Collecting Walkers in Very Fine condition can be both rewarding and challenging while affordable.


Building a CAC-Only Proof Set of Three Cent Nickels

Proof Three Cent Nickels were minted each year from 1865 to 1889. Business strikes are a different topic. A complete set of Proof Three Cent Nickels comprises twenty-six coins and it is not difficult to obtain a CAC approved representative of each.


Easily Assemble a Set of XF to AU ""French Bronze"" Indian Cents

A set of XF-AU Indian cents costs just a fraction of the amount that would need to be spent to complete a set of higher grade coins, and can be an equally satisfying endeavor.


Childs-Pogue 1804 Silver Dollar Realizes Fair Collector Price

The star of the Stack's-Bowers Rarities Night was the Childs-Pogue 1804 silver dollar, which was first PCGS certified as Proof-68 in 1999.


Finest Known 1893-S Shatters Auction Record for a Morgan Silver Dollar

On Sunday, August 29, 2021, GreatCollections reported that they sold the finest known 1893-S Morgan silver dollar in an online-only auction for $2,086,875. This coin was PCGS graded MS67 before 2005 and CAC approved in 2008. The result is a public sale record for any Morgan silver dollar.


Multi-Million Dollar Coins Make Auction History

Not long ago, the sale of a single coin for more than one million dollars was especially newsworthy. Last week, five U.S. coins each realized more than $2 million!


Series Analysis: Iconic 1795–96 No Pole Half Cents - The Panoramic Partrick Collection, Report #3

Donald Partrick's set of U.S. half cents has not received the accolades it deserved. Indeed, with the assistance of Jon Hanson, Partrick assembled one of the five best sets of half cents to have been auctioned during the last half century.


CAC Coins For Less Than $150 Each, Part 3: Barber Dimes

The first part of this series was about classic U.S. copper coins. The second focused on Buffalo nickels. The topic here of the third part is CAC approved Barber Dimes that have sold for less than $150 each.


The Meaning of An Irrevocable Bidder

On June 8, while Sotheby's was auctioning the Fenton-Weitzman 1933 double eagle, an irrevocable bidder turned out to be the winning bidder. In many cases at Sotheby's, though, the irrevocable bidder for a particular lot is not the winning bidder.


1933 Double Eagles, Part 1: Analysis of The Auctions

An examination of the recent sale of the 1933 Saint Gaudens at Sotheby's.


Series Analysis: Thrilling Indian Peace Medals in Partrick Collection - The Panoramic Partrick Collection, Report #2

Two American Indian Peace Medals from the 18th century were highlights of the special Partrick Platinum Night auction session on April 22. This was part of a large auction extravaganza conducted by Heritage at this firm's headquarters near the Dallas Fort Worth Airport.


A Low Cost Set of Indian Head Half Eagles

For much less than the cost of a set of Uncirculated Indian Head half eagles (U.S. $5 gold coins), a set of About Uncirculated (AU) grade coins may be assembled. Other than their little brothers, Indian Head quarter eagles, Indian Head half eagles (1908–29) are the least expensive of all U.S. gold types to collect by date (including representatives of all combinations of years and mint locations).

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