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Hidden Gems Reveal Modern Rarities

The Business-Strike Coinage of 1982–83 Reveal Potential Modern Rarities


Eight Members of the NGC Team Named Among the Most Influential People in Numismatics

Coin World has named eight of NGC's experts are included in the latest list of Coin World's Most Influential People in Numismatics.


U.S. Sales Surge at MA-Shops Numismatic Marketplace

Triple-digit Growth Attributed to Relationships, Economy and Marketing.

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A CAC-Only 1936 Proof Set is Meaningful & Practical

The feature editorial from the Spring 2022 edition of the CAC Rare Coin Market Review.


Assembling a Nice 1950 Proof Set at a Reasonable Cost

Proof sets dating from 1950 to 1955 are overlooked and not talked about very often.


Salton, Köhlmoos and the Welfs: World-Class Collections at Künker

Künker's Spring Auction Sales will be divided into two parts. There are so many important private collections on offer that one week simply isn't enough. The Salton and Köhlmoos Collections as well as a special collection with Welf coinage dominate the first week.


A Remedy to the Same Old Ways of Coin Collecting

Some traditional ways of collecting coins can get old fast. Here is a review of the traditional ways and some ideas for new ways to collect that will rekindle your coin collecting bug.


NGC Signs Exclusive Signature Label Deal with David J. Ryder, Two-time Director of the US Mint

Ryder was the 34th and 39th Director of the US Mint and brought many exciting modern coins to the marketplace, greatly enhancing the tradition of US numismatics with his leadership.


Publishers Message (November 2021 Greysheet)

One of the most exciting aspects of numismatics is that one never knows what's going to show up across the counter at a coin shop.


Newly-Discovered New England Shilling from 1652 Estimated to be Worth Over $300,000

The incredible discovery will be offered at online auction online by Morton & Eden in London on Friday 26 November 2021.


1652 New England Shilling, Continental Dollar and Other Early American Coins Discovered in UK Sweet Tin

The amazing items will be offered at auction online by London auction house Morton & Eden on Friday, November 26, 2021


NGC Hires Keith Moon as Senior Grading Finalizer

Numismatic Guaranty Corporation® (NGC®) is excited to announce that Keith Moon, one of the country's top coin graders, has accepted a position as Senior Grading Finalizer.


A Letter from CCG Chairman Mark Salzberg

What can I say about last year that hasn't already been said? It was indeed unprecedented, turbulent and transformative. In March of 2020, none of us knew how the collectibles markets or any industry would fare. But now, at the beginning of 2021, I feel definitively optimistic.


Some American Silver Eagles Are Worth 100x Their Silver Value: Here's What to Look For

Good news to collectors and investors of silver and modern coinage. There are a number of American Silver Eagles worth thousands more than just their silver content. Here is what to look for.


NGC Promotes Two Top Members of its World-Renowned Coin Grading Team

Numismatic Guaranty Corporation® (NGC®) is pleased to announce the promotions of Scott Schechter to Chief Numismatist and Grading Finalizer and Ben Wengel to Senior Grading Finalizer of World Coins on November 16, 2020.


A Letter from Mark Salzberg

The collectibles markets have not merely survived the COVID-19 crisis — they have thrived. The early indicators of strength and stability, including extraordinary demand for bullion and impressive auction results, proved accurate. Prices and participation have risen rapidly since the beginning of the pandemic.


Reich Capped Bust Half Dollars, Part 2: 1807

For those considering a collection of Bust half dollars, deciding the contents of the initial collection can be daunting and confusing -- yet profoundly important. In Part 2 of this series review, expert numismatic journalist Greg Reynolds focuses on the 1807 issue.


NGC and PMG to Offer Europe Expedited Grading Specials

The turnaround time for the special events will be just two weeks.


NGC and PMG Named Official Grading Services of MA-Shops

Steven R. Eichenbaum, CEO of CCG, said, ""MA-Shops has enhanced the numismatic marketplace by providing a platform where collectibles can be safely purchased from dealers who have been vetted. We are very pleased and honored for NGC, NCS and PMG to have been appointed as its official grading and conservation services.""


Record-Setting Pogue Collection Sells $15.343 Million in Single Session

Two Coins Break Million-Dollar Barrier, Total Surpasses Pre-Distress High Estimates


NGC Grades 45 Million Coins

NGC has graded over 45 million certified coins since their founding in 1987. This amazing achievement includes many exciting rarities from very important U.S. coins to amazing Chinese rarities and issues from around the world.


ASG grading stamps on-site in Hong Kong in May 2020

Authenticated Stamp Guaranty™ (ASG®) will conduct on-site authentication, grading and encapsulation of stamps in Hong Kong in May 2020.


Activity Across the Market (November 2019 Monthly Greysheet)

It is a quiet time in the United States rare coin market, a chance for dealers to evaluate their business thus far in 2019 and position themselves for the coming year. The biggest news of the past two months has been the performance of precious metals. While not solely in the ""up"" direction, the movement has been enough to agitate buyers and sellers into action, including the retail public. It is fortunate timing, because as we have stated previously, the supply of generic U.S. gold is showing no signs of slowing.


Jeff Garrett's Advice on Getting Started in U.S. Coin Collecting

Noted numismatist, Jeff Garrett, offers excellent tips for collectors interested in collecting U.S. coins but may not know where to start.


The Susan B. Anthony dollar turns 40

It was 40 years ago in 1979 that this small-dollar coin ushered in an era of firsts, including its arrival as the first small-size dollar coin, first circulating U.S. coin to bear the likeness of a real female.


Kennedy Half Dollars Remain Big Sellers For Coin Dealers

The love affair Americans still have with Kennedy and the period of sociocultural history he represents is perhaps a major reason why even non-numismatists gravitate toward the Kennedy half dollar. Coin dealers cumulatively report selling millions of Kennedy half dollars each year.


Silver Running Up To First For Many Collectors & Investors

In the Olympics, winning a silver medal usually means coming in second behind the first-place gold medal winner. In the world of insurance, a silver plan probably covers the doctor and prescriptions you want but comes with a big ol' four-figure deductible to boot. Yet, in the numismatic world, silver doesn't play second fiddle to gold – or anything else.


Classic Coins Or Modern Coins? Which Are Better?

Are classic coins somehow more relevant than modern issues? The CDN editorial team debates the issue.


CDN Online Price Guide Becoming More User Friendly, One Coin At A Time

At CDN Publishing we're on a constant mission to make our product better, one day, one change at a time. We feel we've made another step in that positive direction with a few recent changes we've made to our online pricing guide.

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