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The Business of Numismatics: October 2022 Greysheet

Our flagship publication has been updated to fit more pricing, including added values for CAC-approved coins in Buffalo nickels and Mercury dimes.


A Focus on Some of the More Unusual Coins in the Bass Collection

With one of the most news-worthy collections coming to auction this week, Greg Reynolds focuses on a few of the more unusual items in this amazing collection.


Numismatic Literary Guild Appoints Patrick Ian Perez Executive Director

The executive board of the Numismatic Literary Guild ( www.NLGonline.org) has appointed Patrick Ian Perez as Executive Director of the organization.

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The Business of Numismatics: February 2022 Greysheet

In his newly-named monthly column, CDN Vice President Patrick Ian Perez shares his thoughts on the current state of the United States rare coin market.


Editors Message (CPG Market Review January 2022)

It goes without saying that as pricing analyst here at CDN much of my time is spent looking at data and numbers, and when combined with the other information technology projects we are working on it can begin to feel a little scientific. However, we deal in the field of collectibles, and historically numismatics has been more art than science.


Editors Message (CPG Market Review October 2021)

The rare coin market is showing no signs of slowing down, which is sure to brighten the outlook of collectors and dealers alike.


Finest Known 1893-S Shatters Auction Record for a Morgan Silver Dollar

On Sunday, August 29, 2021, GreatCollections reported that they sold the finest known 1893-S Morgan silver dollar in an online-only auction for $2,086,875. This coin was PCGS graded MS67 before 2005 and CAC approved in 2008. The result is a public sale record for any Morgan silver dollar.


Publishers Message & Letters to the Editor (October 2021 Greysheet)

In these pages you will not find any commentary outside debates of valuation, whose coin is finest known and the like, and this is one of the many aspects I love about this job.


Editors Message (CPG Market Review July 2021)

When writing my message for the last CPG® Market Review about the new record for a gold coin of any nation, which was set by the Brasher Doubloon at more than $9 million, little did I know that mere months later I would be writing about another record, this time an all-time one.


Recent CAC Premiums For 1928 Saints: Study & Analysis

Greg Reynolds takes a deep dives into one of the most common Saint Gaudens $20 double eagles as a case study for valuation.


It Is Easy To Collect Very Fine Grade Morgan Dollars

As Mint State Morgan silver dollars are extensively advertised and gem-quality better date Morgans realize astounding prices in major auctions, collectors forget that Very Fine grade Morgans have much detail and are often very desirable coins.


Editors Message (CPG Market Review April 2021)

One of the major themes thus far in 2021 is how on fire the collectibles space has been.


CONNECTICUT COPPERS, PART 3: Easily Assembling A Set

In the third and final installment of the series, Greg Reynolds gives advice on how a collector can start a meaningful collection of these fascinating and historic collectibles.


SERIES ANALYSIS: 1804 and other Famous Early Silver Dollars Sell in Miller, Part II Auction

The author performs a further analysis of the silver dollar rarities in the Larry H. Miller Collection that was auctioned on December 17 by Stack's Bowers.


Editor's Message (CPG Coin & Currency Market Review: Jan-Feb-Mar 2021)

The CPG Market Review is fast becoming one of the most relevant publications in numismatics. For 2021 we have added pricing in significant new areas from proof Roosevelt dimes to Colonial paper money.


Are Full Red Lincolns Really Worth Huge Premiums?

Lincoln cents are the most collected of all coins and examples with original mint red surfaces command huge premiums. But is it worth it? Expert analyst Greg Reynolds takes a deeper dive.


Have Premiums for Full Band Mercury Dimes Gone Too Far?

For some dates, the market values of gem quality (MS65 and higher grade) Mercury dimes with a FB designation are tremendously higher than for corresponding coins that have been assigned the same numerical grade from the same grading service.


Activity across the market (September 2020 Greysheet)

The Greysheet is an uncommon item in that it is aimed at numismatic professionals but is available and recognized by the wider public.


Activity across the market (July 2020 Greysheet)

Precious metals and, by extension, U.S. coins, continue to benefit from widespread demand. For the month of May, silver was up 19.3%, its best one-month gain since April 2011. Gold rose 2.6%, and was up 14% year-to-date as of June 1st, making it the leading asset in that category.


CDN Exchange: the Swiss Army Knife of the Coin Business

CDNX is an amazing tool that is available to all coin dealers that levels the playing field for all participants to compete and collaborate in the rare coin and paper money marketplace.


Publisher's Message (February 2020 Greysheet)

CDN Publisher, John Feigenbaum, discusses his monthly report on the rare coin market as it appears in the February 2020 Greysheet.


Augustus Saint-Gaudens, His Double Eagles, and Collecting ""Saints"" on a Budget

The designer and sculptor of America's most popular gold coin had a rich personal history. Chris Maisano explores why St. Gaudens was responsible for some of the most beautiful coins ever issued by the U.S. Mint.


SERIES ANALYSIS: Draped Bust Dollars, Business Strikes (Part 3)

Part 3 of Greg Reynolds series analysis on the draped bust silver dollars that were issued from 1798-1803. These are also know as ""heraldic eagle reverse"" dollars and represent the most affordable segment within the series.


Jeff Garrett's 2019 Year in Review

The last quarter of the year is traditionally one of the slowest for the rare coin business. With few shows in December many companies set their sights set on the following year. This is especially true for mass-market rare coin companies.


SERIES ANALYSIS: Early Silver Dollars, Draped Bust 1795-1798 (Part 2)

Part 2 of Greg Reynolds series analysis on the draped bust silver dollars that were issued from 1795-98. These are also know as ""small eagle reverse"" dollars and quite popular among collectors.


CAC Website Offers CDN Publishing's CPG Market Prices for CAC Coins

In a major announcement, Certified Acceptance Corporation (CAC) revealed that the company now provides free access to CDN's Collector's Price Guide (CPG®) values for CAC-approved U.S. coins.


Activity Across the Market (November 2019 Monthly Greysheet)

It is a quiet time in the United States rare coin market, a chance for dealers to evaluate their business thus far in 2019 and position themselves for the coming year. The biggest news of the past two months has been the performance of precious metals. While not solely in the ""up"" direction, the movement has been enough to agitate buyers and sellers into action, including the retail public. It is fortunate timing, because as we have stated previously, the supply of generic U.S. gold is showing no signs of slowing.


CDN Pricing for China Lunar Coinage Now Online

Many of the China precious metal Lunar coins we price as part of the Goldsheet, included in the Monthly Greysheet can now be found in our online price guide, found at www.coinprices.com.


Jeff Garrett sees golden opportunity in rising gold prices

The October 2019 edition of The Monthly Greysheet This article appeared in print in the October 2019 issue of The Monthly Greysheet. Click here for more information on


The amazing Cook collection of Canadian coins: a review

The Cook Collection features one of the greatest assemblages of Canadian coins ever formed.

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