5 Great Coin Gifts To Give This Holiday Season

For coin collectors, the holiday season can mean buying numismatic goodies for beloved non-collecting friends and family members they secretly hope will become new collectors.

by CDN Publishing l Published on November 1, 2018

With the passage of Halloween and our entry into November, consumers everywhere suddenly find themselves in the throes of the holiday shopping season! Where did 2018 go? For coin collectors, the holiday season can mean buying numismatic goodies for beloved non-collecting friends and family members they secretly hope will become new collectors.

Not sure what types of coin gifts to buy for the holidays? Here are five excellent ideas sure to bring shiny, MS70 smiles to the faces of the folks you love most!

  1. Proof Sets — A great introductory gift for any non-collector is a proof set. Most proof sets made since the late 1960s are inexpensive, contain high-quality coins with cameo contrast, and come in hard plastic cases that seem ready-made for gift giving. If you can afford it, consider gifting recipients a proof set from the year they were born — that’s always a sure bet!
  2. Year Sets — Can’t wing a proof set from the year your friends and family members were born? A year set may be the next best alternative. Circulated year sets consisting of coins made during any given year from the past century can often be assembled for less than $50, and many year sets can be bought or put together for under $25 each.
  3. Silver Dollars — Even non collectors know what silver dollars are! People love these pieces because they’re large silver coins that are often referenced in the media and pop culture, including (perhaps most famously) western-themed TV shows and movies. Many circulated Morgan and Peace silver dollars are obtainable for less than $10 over spot price, making them cheaper than a tacky light-up holiday sweater!
  4. Rolls Of Old Coins — Going through a roll of old coins is a thrill that can be appreciated by both seasoned coin collectors and newbies alike. Rolls of old coins are adaptable to a variety of budgets, with mixed rolls of wheat cents and pre-1960 Jefferson nickels usually going for less than $7 apiece and, on the other side of the spectrum, mixed circulated rolls of Morgan and Peace dollars trading for around $550 apiece.
  5. Commemorative Coins — United States commemorative coins cover just about every type of subject that one can imagine, from professional sports and influential figures to national landmarks and historic events. Consider giving the recipient a commemorative coin (or set of commemorative coins) featuring a topic she or he enjoys. For example, a New Yorker might appreciate 1986 Statue of Liberty commemorative coins, civil rights historians may enjoy 1946-51 Booker T. Washington half dollars, and sports buffs are sure to love the 2014 National Baseball Hall of Fame coins.

And, these are just five holiday gift ideas for coin collectors. There are many other wonderful numismatic things with which you can stuff stockings, including coin books and coin supplies, too. Don’t forget, subscriptions to any of CDN publications, including Monthly Greysheet, CPG Coin & Currency Market Review, and Greensheet make terrific gifts as well (just saying)… Happy holiday shopping season, everyone!

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