Dealers are cautiously optimistic ahead of the seminal FUN show event kicking off this week.

by CDN Publishing | Published on January 6, 2016

Dealers are cautiously optimistic ahead of the seminal FUN show event kicking off this week. We’ve spoken with several important national dealers who feel that the market has generally bottomed out and that there’s been a noticeable lack of fresh material coming in over the past several months. Demand is starting to exceed supply for interesting collector coins which should lead to some enthusiastic trading at the FUN show. Of course, this depends largely on dealers coming to the show with fresh material to sell. One tangible result of the slipping prices last year has been that collectors are sitting on their collections – and not willing to part with their coins at current levels. We will be on hand at the FUN show to take the pulse of the market and share our results with you in next week’s Bluesheet edition.

December was a relatively quiet month but Heritage held a large sale in Houston, and dated Walkers continue to lead the market and make gains both on the Bluesheet and Greysheet. These coins are highly sought after by dealers, collectors and investors, and the series is one of the true bright spots in the marketplace.

We were pleased to get positive feedback from readers about our expansion of pricing to include all of the 144 coins in the complete set, rather than price 3-coin sets as a group. Doing so inevitably highlighted the reality that many of these 3-coin sets have dropped in value since they were last analyzed, but the fact remains that our levels are indicative of the current market. We have made a few adjustments this week based on feedback and recent market trades. Followers of this series should pay close attention to market availability as we think these coins represent some of the most undervalued items currently priced on our sheets.

Users of the CoinPlex will notice a few improvements in the last few months including CDN price movement indicators showing up and down arrows for CDN price changes since the last printed sheet. CoinPlex bids directly influence CDN prices, and we encourage marketmakers to use the trading platform to make markets in specific areas of certified coinage.

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