CDN Offers Limited Edition 2022-S Proof Silver Eagles with Greysheet Labels

Certified and graded by NGC, these make perfect holiday gifts.

by CDN Publishing | Published on November 12, 2022

Just in time for the holidays, we've asked our friends at NGC to grade and authenticate a small batch of 2022-S Proof American Silver Eagles with our special Greysheet label. We submitted about 350 coins and 317 made the final cut, with 234 coins grading PF70 and 83 coins grading PF69. 

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2022-S American Silver Eagle graded NGC PF70 with the Special Greysheet Label

According to CDN Publishing CEO, John Feigenbaum, "the goal of our limited label program is to sporadically offer specially-selected coin and paper money issues that we feel represent good value for buyers in the long term. Critically, for us, is that we price these items at fair market value, with no premium for the Greysheet label, which only serves to help us extend our brand name." Feigenbaum continues, "of course, we think the label itself it beautiful and adds desirability to the coin in the holder."

Proof-69 (PF69) graded coins are offered at $110, which barely covers the cost of the coin itself, plus grading fees. Proof-70 (PF70) coins are offered for $165 each; $450 for 3 coins; or $675 for 5 coins ($135 each) while supplies last. 

"Once this initial group is sold out, there will be no more certified," says Feigenbaum. "They're so much fun and our customers love them. At this price point, they make wonderful holiday gifts, and hopefully, an opportunity to extend our brand to friends of friends and so on...  The success of this program will allow us to cherry-pick new issues once or twice a year for offer." 

Just 3 days after the coins were listed on the web site, over one-third of the coins had been sold. Click here to learn more and order.

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Source: CDN Publishing

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