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GreatCollections to auction ultra-rare 1882 $1,000 Gold Certificate

by GreatCollections Coin and Currency Auctions

Published on June 24, 2020

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The finest known example which features a youthful Alexander Hamilton is expected to realized $200,000+.

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June 5, 2020. Irvine, Calif. – An ultra-rare 1882 $1,000 Gold Certificate, of which only a handful of examples are known, is currently being auctioned by GreatCollections. The large-size, high-denomination note, which features a half-length portrait of a youthful Alexander Hamilton, is being sold unreserved and bidding will end on Sunday, July 12th at

Among all signature combinations, there are eleven examples known in the census, with one of those being held in the Federal Bank of San Francisco’s collection. The present note being auctioned is the finest of all graded and widely considered the finest example extant. It is attractive and has not been repaired or restored like some of the others. The leading coin and paper money grading service, PCGS Banknote, has assigned the grade Choice Very Fine 35.

GreatCollections offers more information about the condition of the note: “The back features still bright and lively orange printing, attractively framed by the broad margins around. The edges are overall quite nice and crisp with the top being the only side to show mild handling.”

Ian Russell, president of GreatCollections said, “Although this is a valuable note, compared to others of similar statue and rarity, it’s extremely good value. It’s also interesting that Fr. 1218 was missing from many major paper money collections over the past 50 years. We’re expecting strong bidding before the auction ends on Sunday, July 12th.”

"Since we resumed grading paper currency in our U.S. office under the PCGS Banknote brand we have seen a number of exciting notes pass through our grading room with the 1882 $1,000 Gold Certificate ranking among the top," says PCGS President Brett Charville. "We are honored to have been entrusted with the authentication, grading, and encapsulation of such an historic and valuable note. PCGS has been maximizing the value, security, and liquidity of coins for nearly 35 years and we are excited to see these benefits extended to banknotes as this rarity hits the auction block."

This Serial #1 National Bank Note is an upcoming highlight at GreatCollections

GreatCollections features paper money in their weekly auctions. Upcoming highlights include a recently discovered Serial #1 McGehee, Arkansas Large Size National. The First National Bank of McGehee only issued large-size national bank notes for six months before changing to small size.

For more information about the Fr. 1218f, 1882 $1,000 Gold Certificate PCGS Choice Very Fine 35 and other paper money at GreatCollections, please visit or telephone 1-800-442-6467.

GreatCollections offers complimentary appraisals for all U.S. and foreign paper money. Contact Ian Russell, Todd McKenna or Andy Wedding at 1-800-442-6467.

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About GreatCollections

GreatCollections is an auction house for certified coins and paper money, as well as coins approved by CAC, handling coin/banknote transactions from start to finish. For sellers, GreatCollections offers professional imaging for each coin/note, cash advances as appropriate, extensive marketing and other individualized services generally not available with other auction houses and websites, freeing the seller to do nothing except collect the proceeds of the sale. Buyers benefit by entrusting a venue whose principals have years of numismatic experience and whose reputations in the industry are impeccable. Ian Russell, owner/president of GreatCollections in a member of the prestigious PNG (#785) and Life Member of the American Numismatic Association, while the company is an authorized submitter to PCGS, PMG, NGC, CAC and member of the National Auctioneers Association. Calif. Auctioneer Bond #106582267.

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