Jordan: New Proof Silver Mega-coins Mark The 25th Anniversary Of Accession Of HM King Abdullah II

The Central Bank of Jordan have released new silver proof coins which mark the Silver Jubilee of King Abdullah II.

by Michael Alexander | Published on June 18, 2024

Following the death of Jordan’s popular King Hussein in 1999, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan proclaimed their fourth monarch since its founding in 1946. Prince Abdullah bin Al-Hussein was born on the 30th January 1962  to King Hussein and his British-born second wife, Princess Muna Al-Hussein – formerly Antoinette Avril Gardiner. As the late King’s eldest son, Abdullah became heir apparent on his birth to the Jordanian throne under the 1952 constitution. However, due to political instability in the region and feared assassination attempts prompted King Hussein to appoint an adult heir in his place, choosing Abdullah's uncle Prince Hassan in 1965. It was expected that Abdullah would eventually be re-named as his father’s successor which occurred on the 24th January 1999, just two weeks before the death of King Hussein. As a senior member of the Royal family, Prince Abdullah undertook his place by pursuing a military career first at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in England in 1980, then training as an officer in the Jordanian Armed Forces. Concurrently, Abdullah was admitted to Pembroke College, Oxford, in 1982, where he completed a one-year special-studies course in Middle Eastern affairs.

At the age of 30, Prince Abdullah met Rania Al-Yassin, a marketing employee in Amman, at a dinner organised by his sister Princess Aisha in January 1993. The two became engaged just two months later, and their marriage took place in June which was widely celebrated in the country. Their first child and present Crown Prince, Hussein was born one year later followed by two sisters and one brother.

Upon the death of King Hussein on the 7th February 1999, Crown Prince Abdullah was proclaimed Jordan’s new King alongside his wife who became Queen-consort Rania. Several hours after the announcement of his father's death, Abdullah appeared at an emergency session of the Jordanian parliament. The new King took the oath of allegiance – the same taken by his father almost fifty years earlier "I swear by Almighty God to uphold the constitution and to be faithful to the nation"

King Abdullah II's formal investiture took place on the 9th June 1999 followed by a motorcade ride through the capital city of Amman by the 37-year-old king and his 29-year-old wife, Rania who was the youngest Queen in the world. A lavish reception at Raghadan Palace, the King’s official residence was attended by over 800 dignitaries, royalty and representatives from around the world. King Abdullah II is the longest-serving current head of State in the Arab world. He is also by virtue of being the 41st generation direct descendent of the Prophet Muhammed, the designated custodian of the Muslim and Christian religious sites in Jerusalem, a position held by his dynasty, the House of Hashem since 1924.

The obverse side shared by both versions depicts an effigy of HM King Abdullah II facing left and in the uniform of the country’s supreme commander in chief of the armed forces. Above the effigy is the commemorative inscription I AM ONE OF YOU, I LOVE AND GIVE TO ALL OF YOU, WITHOUT DISCRIMINATION OR EXCEPTION which is shown in ornamental Arabic script. Below is the King’s official title. The reverse side features the numeral 25 along with the signature of the King which is centred. Below the motif is the denomination of FIFTY DINARS (gold and silver) or TWENTY DINARS (silver) in both English and Arabic text with the same commemorative inscription in English THE 25TH ANNIVERSARY OF HIS MAJESTY KING ABDULLAH II ACCESSION TO THE THRONE is placed along the rim encircling the primary design. The years 1999 and 2024 are placed along the lower rim.

DenominationMetalWeightDiameterQualityMaximum Mintage
20 Dinars.999 Silver50 g.50 mm.Proof1,010
50 Dinars.999 Silver50 g.50 mm.Proof & Plating1,010

For additional information, please contact the Central Bank of Jordan’s Department of Issue at:

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Author: Michael Alexander

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