Monaco: Latest Commemorative €2 Coins Issued In Celebration Of Quincentenary Anniversary Of Charles V Treaties

The Trésorerie Générale des Finances du Gouvernement Princier de Monaco will soon release the 2024-dated commemorative €2 coins.

by Michael Alexander | Published on June 14, 2024

This year marks the quincentenary anniversary of the Treaties of Burgos and Tordesillas which resulted in greater recognition and status of the Principality. For all intents and purposes, ratification of the Treaty of Burgos at Tordesillas is regarded as the declaration of full independence in terms of Monegasque history. The path of what was to become an independent principality arose with the assassination of Lucien Grimaldi, Lord of Monaco on the 22nd August 1523. As a result, he was succeeded by his infant son Honore with Lucien’s younger brother Augustine appointed Regent. He held this position for over 8 years, until his death at the age of 50 in 1532. As a measure to more effectively avenge his brother's murderers, namely Bartholomew Doria (d. 1525) and Andrea Doria (1466 – 1560), Augustine abandoned both the agreement with and protection of Francis I, King of France with whom the Doria's were allied to. Augustine, as head of Monaco’s government swore allegiance to Francis’ rival Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor and King of Spain, by the signing of the Treaty of Burgos.

On the 15th November 1524 the treaty of Burgos was ratified in Tordesillas, Spain which included the protection of Augustine Grimaldi and explicitly mentioned that Monaco was absolutely independent from any superior powers, with any contrary disposition being void. Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor and King of Spain thereafter considered the Lord of Monaco and successive Lords as his close ally. On the 10th April 1525 Augustine Grimaldi ratified the treaty by way of sealed letters patent, an act which for the next 118 years, would place Monaco in the orbit of Habsburg politics. This act brought Monaco under direct Spanish protection, an alliance which formally lasted until 1641.

Augustine, Regent of Monaco did avenge the murder of his brother Lucien with the capture of Bartholomew Doria. Augustine had him tried and sentenced in Monaco and to capital punishment. However, Pope Clement VII was opposed to this sentence and Bartholomew was released. However, Doria was found to have fallen off the face of a cliff when he attacked the castle of La Penna owned by Augustine Grimaldi. In time, this alliance of convenience weighed heavily on the Principality’s finances and shortly before his death, Augustine was said to have admitted his regret for his actions in this regard. During Augustine’s Regency, Charles V paid a visit to Monaco in 1529 while on his way to Bologna to meet with the Pope who presented him with the imperial crown of the Holy Roman Empire. The Regent Augustine escorted Charles V and the Spanish fleet as far as Genoa, along with seven-year-old Sovereign Prince Honore. Augustine died in 1532 and after a succession of Regents, Honore finally came to power himself in 1561 at the age of 39 and ruled his country for another twenty years.

As part of the year-long anniversary observations in the Principality, HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco was guest at the Monnaie de Paris’ facilities in Pessac on the 10th November 2023 where he was invited by Monnaie de Paris CEO Marc Schwartz to strike the first example of the coin.

The new €2 commemorative coins are produced by the Monnaie de Paris at their facilities in Pessac and on behalf of the Trésorerie Générale des Finances. Designed by the Monnaie de Paris’ chief engraver and artisan Joaquín Jimenez, the obverse side includes a depiction in profile of Charles V and shown in the style of a traditional cameo portrait. Just under and along the inner border is the commemorative inscription 1524 TRAITÉ AVES CHARLES QUINT 2024 (Treaty with Charles V) Above the profile is the text MONACO with the mint mark of the Monnaie de Paris and the insignia of the general engraver seen just at the bottom of the portrait. The overall design is surrounded by an outer ring with twelve stars representing the European Union. The reverse design is that of a standard €2 coin, found throughout all countries of the euro zone. The face value of €2 appears in front of a map of Europe.

Denomination Metal Weight Diameter Quality Mintage Limit 
2 EuroBi-metallic 8.5 g. 25.7 mm. Proof15,000

Available from the 17th June, each Proof-quality coin is encapsulated and presented in a genuine red leather custom case with the Princely crest on the top applied in gold foil and includes a certificate of authenticity. Interested collectors are advised to visit the website of the Musee des Timbres et des Monnaies – official distributors.

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Author: Michael Alexander

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