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NGC Grades Gold & Palladium Rarities in Germany

by Certified Collectibles Group

Published on May 13, 2019

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Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) graded two significant collections during its recent on-site grading event in Munich, Germany, held February 18-23, 2019. The coll

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Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) graded two significant collections during its recent on-site grading event in Munich, Germany, held February 18-23, 2019. The collections were submitted by SINCONA AG, a prominent Zurich, Switzerland-based numismatic auction house.

One collection comprised a variety of vintage US coins dating from 1794 to 1937 including numerous high-grade gold coins. The other collection featured a remarkably diverse set of modern palladium coins.

Now entirely certified by NGC, the two collections will be sold by SINCONA from May 20 to 22. The US gold rarities will be featured in a standalone catalog of NGC-certified coins, while the palladium rarities will be included in another catalog with other bullion coins.

Coins certified by NGC are evaluated by a team of experts who are prohibited from buying and selling coins commercially to ensure impartiality. After they are authenticated and graded, coins are encapsulated in NGC’s high-quality, protective holder and backed by NGC’s comprehensive guarantee of authenticity and grade. Collectors and dealers around the world trust NGC for its expertise, impartiality and comprehensive guarantee. This trust adds confidence, value and liquidity to the coin market.

Interest in NGC certification in Europe has grown significantly since NGC began to offer on-site grading services in Germany in February 2018. The event held last month was the fifth to be held at the Munich office of NGC International GmbH (NGC GmbH), its German affiliate.

“We are pleased with NGC’s expert authentication, grading and encapsulation of these coins,” said Jürg Richter, Managing Director with SINCONA. “NGC’s certification will make these coins far more accessible to bidders online and around the world.”

Steven R. Eichenbaum, CEO of NGC, added, “We are honored that SINCONA entrusted NGC to certify these two collections and that the firm has decided to feature the US gold rarities in their own special sale of NGC-certified coins. It is remarkable to see how many interesting and important rarities have come to light due to our on-site grading events in Europe.”

The collection of gold coins being offered in the SINCONA sale (Auction 55) includes a trio of impressive 1795 Small Eagle half eagles (or $5 gold pieces), which are among the first gold coins struck by the US Mint. Two of these coins graded NGC UNC Details (starting price: 25,000 CHF and 20,000 CHF, about $25,000 and $20,000 USD) and the third graded NGC VF Details (starting price: 3,500 CHF).

A remarkably well-preserved 1810 Large Date, Large 5 half eagle was graded NGC MS65 (starting price: 40,000 CHF). The NGC MS65 grade was also assigned to an 1813 half eagle (starting price: 50,000 CHF).

The collection boasted an astonishing five 1907 High Relief Saint-Gaudens double eagles (or $20 gold pieces), which are widely considered to be some of the most beautiful coins struck by the US Mint. These pieces ranged in grade from NGC XF Details to NGC MS66 (starting price: 30,000 CHF).

Other highlights of the collection include:

  • A pair of Round and Octagonal 1915-S $50 Panama-Pacific commemoratives, each of which graded NGC MS64 (starting price: 60,000 CHF and 50,000 CHF)
  • 1830 half eagle, graded NGC MS63 (starting price: 40,000 CHF)
  • 1838 eagle (or $10 gold piece), graded NGC MS62 (starting price: 40,000 CHF)
  • 1872-CC double eagle, graded NGC MS61 (starting price: 35,000 CHF)
  • 1877-CC half eagle, graded NGC MS62 and pedigreed to the Bass collection (starting price: 30,000 CHF)
  • 1866 Motto eagle, graded NGC PF64 Ultra Cameo (starting price: 25,000 CHF)
  • 1864 gold dollar, graded NGC PF66 Ultra Cameo and pedigreed to the Trompeter collection (starting price: 17,500 CHF)
  • 1875 gold dollar, graded NGC MS65 DPL and pedigreed to the Bass collection (starting price: 17,500 CHF).

While gold coins have been struck for thousands of years, the first palladium coins were not minted until Sierra Leone issued the first in the 1960s. In the decades since, many countries, including the United States, have issued coins in the precious white metal.

The collection of palladium coins submitted by SINCONA (Auction 56) features 129 pieces from 23 countries and regions including Russia, the Isle of Man, Portugal, Albania and Greece.

Highlights of the collection include:

  • 1968 Greece Essai Palladium 100 drachmas featuring Constantine II, graded NGC MS68
  • 1986 France Statue of Liberty Centennial Palladium 100 francs, graded NGC PF70 Ultra Cameo
  • A pair of 1986 Albania Essai Palladium 50 leke coins, one honoring Locomotives and the other the Seaport of Durazzo, both of which were graded NGC PF69 Ultra Cameo
  • 2004 Isle of Man Palladium 2 crown celebrating the bicentennial of the discovery of palladium, graded NGC PF 69 Ultra Cameo
  • 2004 China Palladium 100 Yuan Panda, graded NGC PF 69 Ultra Cameo.

For more information on SINCONA and the NGC-certified auction, visit

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