The Coin Dealer Newsletter - the Greysheet, Bluesheet and Greensheet. Publishing wholesale price guides for all U.S. coins (copper, nickel, silver and gold), bullion (gold, silver and platinum), certified coins (PCGS, NGC, ANACS, PCI, ICG, SEGS, NCI and INS), and currency (paper money).  |  Search online through the CDN archives for numismatic subjects. Choose from the weekly Coin Dealer Newsletter (Greysheet), first published June 14, 1963, the CDN Monthly Supplement, first published August 1976, the monthly Currency Dealer Newsletter (Greensheet), first published September 1980, or the weekly Certified Coin Dealer Newsletter (Bluesheet), first published August 22, 1986.  |  Recent articles from the CDN family of publications, covering the state of the current coin market, Bid prices, coin dealer wholesale Asks, and subjects related to Numismatics: Coin collecting, investing, buying, selling, auctioning, as well as the subject of collectible currency, or paper money.  |  Subscribe to the Coin Dealer Newsletter - Greysheet, a rare coin price guide on Morgan, Peace, Eisenhower and Anthony Dollars, Walking Liberty, Franklin and Kennedy Halves, Liberty Seated, Barber, and Washington Quarters including the commemorative 50 State Quarters, Mercury, Roosevelt Dimes, Shield, Buffalo, Jefferson Nickels, Indian, Lincoln Cents. Also coverage of Proof and Mint State Type.The Certified Coin Dealer Newsletter - Bluesheet reports weekly on the sight-unseen rare coin market for grading services: PCGS, NGC, ANACS, PCI, ICG, SEGS, NCI and INS.The Currency Dealer Newsletter - Greensheet a monthly paper money price guide.  |  A series of books reporting complete historic Bids graphed from 1980 through today providing record high coin prices as well as historic low prices for: Saint-Gaudens, Barber Dimes, Barber Quarters, Barber Half Dollars, Walking Liberty Half Dollars, Mercury Dimes, Circulated and Uncirculated Buffalo Nickels, Proof Type, Mint State Type, Gold Type, Silver Commemoratives, Morgan Dollars, Deep Mirror Prooflike (DMPL) Morgan Dollars, Peace Dollars, Gold Commemoratives, and Proof Gold Type coins.  |  Not ready to subscribe? Receive all seven of the Coin Dealer Newsletter Family of Publications current issues, which include the Coin Dealer Newsletter (Greysheet), the CDN Monthly Supplement, the CDN Quarterly I, II and III, the Certified Coin Dealer Newsletter (Bluesheet), and the Currency Dealer Newsletter (Greensheet) - all for only $17.75 (Save Over $24!). For just $6.20 more, order the Custom Deluxe Binder to keep all your CDN Newsletters organized.  |   |  CDNi the only online price guide for wholesale Bids and Asks on rare coins and currency. Register or Login here with your User ID and Password. View newsletters online, the day they are mailed.  |  The Coin Dealer Newsletter, also known as the Greysheet (because it is printed on grey paper), is the only up-to-date wholesale price guide covering U.S. coins (certified or raw). Published weekly providing coin dealers, collectors and investors with the information they need to make informed buying and selling decisions.   
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Certified Coin Dealer Newsletter Bluesheet Week 1

the CDN QUARTERLY back issues
Quarterly I, PR1 January, 1992
Quarterly II, PR2 February, 1992
Quarterly III, PR1 March, 1992
Quarterly I, PR2 April, 1992
Quarterly II, PR1 May, 1992
Quarterly III, PR2 June, 1992
Quarterly I, PR1 July, 1992
Quarterly II, PR2 August, 1992
Quarterly III, PR1 September, 1992
Quarterly I, PR2 October, 1992
Quarterly II, PR1 November, 1992
Quarterly III, PR2 December, 1992
Quarterly I, PR1 January, 1993
Quarterly II, PR2 February, 1993
Quarterly III, PR1 March, 1993
Quarterly I, PR2 April, 1993
Quarterly II, PR1 May, 1993
Quarterly III, PR2 June, 1993
Quarterly I, PR1 July, 1993
Quarterly II, PR2 August, 1993
Quarterly III, PR1 September, 1993
Quarterly I, PR2 October, 1993
Quarterly II, PR1 November, 1993
Quarterly III, PR2 December, 1993
Quarterly I, PR1 January, 1994
Quarterly II, PR2 February, 1994
Quarterly III, PR1 March, 1994
Quarterly I, PR2 April, 1994
Quarterly II, PR1 May, 1994
Quarterly III, PR2 June, 1994
Quarterly I, PR1 July, 1994
Quarterly II, PR2 August, 1994
Quarterly III, PR1 September, 1994
Quarterly I, PR2 October, 1994
Quarterly II, PR1 November, 1994
Quarterly III, PR2 December, 1994
Quarterly I, PR1 January, 1995
Quarterly II, PR2 February, 1995
Quarterly III, PR1 March, 1995
Quarterly I, PR2 April, 1995
Quarterly II, PR1 May, 1995
Quarterly III, PR2 June, 1995
Quarterly I, PR1 July, 1995
Quarterly II, PR2 August, 1995
Quarterly III, PR1 September, 1995
Quarterly I, PR2 October, 1995
Quarterly II, PR1 November, 1995
Quarterly III, PR2 December, 1995
Quarterly I, PR1 January, 1996
Quarterly II, PR2 February, 1996
Quarterly III, PR1 March, 1996
Quarterly I, PR2 April, 1996
Quarterly II, PR1 May, 1996
Quarterly III, PR2 June, 1996
Quarterly I, PR1 July, 1996
Quarterly II, PR2 August, 1996
Quarterly III, PR1 September, 1996
Quarterly I, PR2 October, 1996
Quarterly II, PR1 November, 1996
Quarterly III, PR2 December, 1996
Quarterly I, PR1 January, 1997
Quarterly II, PR2 February, 1997
Quarterly III, PR1 March, 1997
Quarterly I, PR2 April, 1997
Quarterly II, PR1 May, 1997
Quarterly III, PR2 June, 1997
Quarterly I, PR1 July, 1997
Quarterly II, PR2 August, 1997
Quarterly III, PR1 September, 1997
Quarterly I, PR2 October, 1997
Quarterly II, PR1 November, 1997
Quarterly III, PR2 December, 1997
Quarterly I, PR1 January, 1998
Quarterly II, PR2 February, 1998
Quarterly III, PR1 March, 1998
Quarterly I, PR2 April, 1998
Quarterly II, PR1 May, 1998
Quarterly III, PR2 June, 1998
Quarterly I, PR1 July, 1998
Quarterly II, PR2 August, 1998
Quarterly III, PR1 September, 1998
Quarterly I, PR2 October, 1998
Quarterly II, PR1 November, 1998
Quarterly III, PR2 December, 1998
Quarterly I, PR1 January, 1999
Quarterly II, PR2 February, 1999
Quarterly III, PR1 March, 1999
Quarterly I, PR2 April, 1999
Quarterly II, PR1 May, 1999
Quarterly III, PR2 June, 1999
Quarterly I, PR1 July, 1999
Quarterly II, PR2 August, 1999
Quarterly III, PR1 September, 1999
Quarterly I, PR2 October, 1999
Quarterly II, PR1 November, 1999
Quarterly III, PR2 December, 1999
Quarterly I, PR1 January, 2000
Quarterly II, PR2 February, 2000
Quarterly III, PR1 March, 2000
Quarterly I, PR2 April, 2000
Quarterly II, PR1 May, 2000
Quarterly III, PR2 June, 2000
Quarterly I, PR1 July, 2000
Quarterly II, PR2 August, 2000
Quarterly III, PR1 September, 2000
Quarterly I, PR2 October, 2000
Quarterly II, PR1 November, 2000
Quarterly III, PR2 December, 2000
Quarterly I, PR1 January, 2001
Quarterly II, PR2 February, 2001
Quarterly III, PR1 March, 2001
Quarterly I, PR2 April, 2001
Quarterly II, PR1 May, 2001
Quarterly III, PR2 June, 2001
Quarterly I, PR1 July, 2001
Quarterly II, PR2 August, 2001
Quarterly III, PR1 September, 2001
Quarterly I, PR2 October, 2001
Quarterly II, PR1 November, 2001
Quarterly III, PR2 December, 2001
Quarterly I, PR1 January, 2002
Quarterly II, PR2 February, 2002
Quarterly III, PR1 March, 2002
Quarterly I, PR2 April, 2002
Quarterly II, PR1 May, 2002
Quarterly III, PR2 June, 2002
Quarterly I, PR1 July, 2002
Quarterly II, PR2 August, 2002
Quarterly III, PR1 September, 2002
Quarterly I, PR2 October, 2002
Quarterly II, PR1 November, 2002
Quarterly III, PR2 December, 2002
Quarterly I, PR1 January, 2003
Quarterly II, PR2 February, 2003
Quarterly III, PR1 March, 2003
Quarterly I, PR2 April, 2003
Quarterly II, PR1 May, 2003
Quarterly III, PR2 June, 2003
Quarterly I, PR1 July, 2003
Quarterly II, PR2 August, 2003
Quarterly III, PR1 September, 2003
Quarterly I, PR2 October, 2003
Quarterly II, PR1 November, 2003
Quarterly III, PR2 December, 2003
Quarterly I, PR1 January, 2004
Quarterly II, PR2 February, 2004
Quarterly III, PR1 March, 2004
Quarterly I, PR2 April, 2004
Quarterly II, PR1 May, 2004
Quarterly III, PR2 June, 2004
Quarterly I, PR1 July, 2004
Quarterly II, PR2 August, 2004
Quarterly III, PR1 September, 2004
Quarterly I, PR2 October, 2004
Quarterly II, PR1 November, 2004
Quarterly III, PR2 December, 2004
Quarterly I, PR1 January, 2005
Quarterly II, PR2 February, 2005
Quarterly III, PR1 March, 2005
Quarterly I, PR2 April, 2005
Quarterly II, PR1 May, 2005
Quarterly III, PR2 June, 2005
Quarterly I, PR1 July, 2005
Quarterly II, PR2 August, 2005
Quarterly III, PR1 September, 2005
Quarterly I, PR2 October, 2005
Quarterly II, PR1 November, 2005
Quarterly III, PR2 December, 2005
Quarterly I, PR1 January, 2006
Quarterly II, PR2 February, 2006
Quarterly III, PR1 March, 2006
Quarterly I, PR2 April, 2006
Quarterly II, PR1 May, 2006
Quarterly III, PR2 June, 2006
Quarterly I, PR1 July, 2006
Quarterly II, PR2 August, 2006
Quarterly III, PR1 September, 2006
Quarterly I, PR2 October, 2006
Quarterly II, PR1 November, 2006
Quarterly III, PR2 December, 2006
Quarterly I, PR1 January, 2007
Quarterly II, PR2 February, 2007
Quarterly III, PR1 March, 2007
Quarterly I, PR2 April, 2007
Quarterly II, PR1 May, 2007
Quarterly III, PR2 June, 2007
Quarterly I, PR1 July, 2007
Quarterly II, PR2 August, 2007
Quarterly III, PR1 September, 2007
Quarterly I, PR2 October, 2007
Quarterly II, PR1 November, 2007
Quarterly III, PR2 December, 2007
Quarterly I, PR1 January, 2008
Quarterly II, PR2 February, 2008
Quarterly III, PR1 March, 2008
Quarterly I, PR2 April, 2008
Quarterly II, PR1 May, 2008
Quarterly III, PR2 June, 2008
Quarterly I, PR1 July, 2008
Quarterly II, PR2 August, 2008
Quarterly III, PR1 September, 2008
Quarterly I, PR2 October, 2008
Quarterly II, PR1 November, 2008
Quarterly III, PR2 December, 2008
Quarterly I, PR1 January, 2009
Quarterly II, PR2 February, 2009
Quarterly III, PR1 March, 2009
Quarterly I, PR2 April, 2009
Quarterly II, PR1 May, 2009
Quarterly III, PR2 June, 2009
Quarterly I, PR1 July, 2009
Quarterly II, PR2 August, 2009
Quarterly III, PR1 September, 2009
Quarterly I, PR2 October, 2009
Quarterly II, PR1 November, 2009
Quarterly III, PR2 December, 2009
Quarterly I, PR1 January, 2010
Quarterly II, PR2 February, 2010
Quarterly III, PR1 March, 2010
Quarterly I, PR2 April, 2010
Quarterly II, PR1 May, 2010
Quarterly III, PR2 June, 2010
Quarterly I, PR1 July, 2010
Quarterly II, PR2 August, 2010
Quarterly III, PR1 September, 2010
Quarterly I, PR2 October, 2010
Quarterly II, PR1 November, 2010
Quarterly III, PR2 December, 2010
Quarterly I, PR1 January, 2011
Quarterly II, PR2 February, 2011
Quarterly III, PR1 March, 2011
Quarterly I, PR2 April, 2011
Quarterly II, PR1 May, 2011
Quarterly III, PR2 June, 2011
Quarterly I, PR1 July, 2011
Quarterly II, PR2 August, 2011
Quarterly III, PR1 September, 2011
Quarterly I, PR2 October, 2011
Quarterly II, PR1 November, 2011
Quarterly III, PR2 December, 2011
Quarterly I, PR1 January, 2012
Quarterly II, PR2 February, 2012
Quarterly III, PR1 March, 2012
Quarterly I, PR2 April, 2012
Quarterly II, PR1 May, 2012
Quarterly III, PR2 June, 2012
Quarterly I, PR1 July, 2012
Quarterly II, PR2 August, 2012
Quarterly III, PR1 September, 2012
Quarterly I, PR2 October, 2012
Quarterly II, PR1 November, 2012
Quarterly III, PR2 December, 2012
Quarterly I, PR1 January, 2013
Quarterly II, PR2 February, 2013
Quarterly III, PR1 March, 2013
Quarterly I, PR2 April, 2013
Quarterly II, PR1 May, 2013
Quarterly III, PR2 June, 2013
Quarterly I, PR1 July, 2013
Quarterly II, PR2 August, 2013
Quarterly III, PR1 September, 2013
Quarterly I, PR2 October, 2013
Quarterly II, PR1 November, 2013
Quarterly III, PR2 December, 2013
Quarterly I, PR1 January, 2014
Quarterly II, PR2 February, 2014
Quarterly III, PR1 March, 2014
Quarterly I, PR2 April, 2014
Quarterly II, PR1 May, 2014
Quarterly III, PR2 June, 2014
Quarterly I, PR1 July, 2014
Quarterly II, PR2 August, 2014
Quarterly III, PR1 September, 2014
Quarterly I, PR2 October, 2014
Quarterly II, PR1 November, 2014
Quarterly III, PR2 December, 2014
Quarterly I, PR1 January, 2015
Quarterly II, PR2 February, 2015
Quarterly III, PR1 March, 2015
Quarterly I, PR2 April, 2015
Quarterly II, PR1 May, 2015
Quarterly III, PR2 June, 2015
Quarterly I, PR1 July, 2015

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