The Coin Dealer Newsletter - the Greysheet, Bluesheet and Greensheet. Publishing wholesale price guides for all U.S. coins (copper, nickel, silver and gold), bullion (gold, silver and platinum), certified coins (PCGS, NGC, ANACS, PCI, ICG, SEGS, NCI and INS), and currency (paper money).  |  Search online through the CDN archives for numismatic subjects. Choose from the weekly Coin Dealer Newsletter (Greysheet), first published June 14, 1963, the CDN Monthly Supplement, first published August 1976, the monthly Currency Dealer Newsletter (Greensheet), first published September 1980, or the weekly Certified Coin Dealer Newsletter (Bluesheet), first published August 22, 1986.  |  Recent articles from the CDN family of publications, covering the state of the current coin market, Bid prices, coin dealer wholesale Asks, and subjects related to Numismatics: Coin collecting, investing, buying, selling, auctioning, as well as the subject of collectible currency, or paper money.  |  Subscribe to the Coin Dealer Newsletter - Greysheet, a rare coin price guide on Morgan, Peace, Eisenhower and Anthony Dollars, Walking Liberty, Franklin and Kennedy Halves, Liberty Seated, Barber, and Washington Quarters including the commemorative 50 State Quarters, Mercury, Roosevelt Dimes, Shield, Buffalo, Jefferson Nickels, Indian, Lincoln Cents. Also coverage of Proof and Mint State Type.The Certified Coin Dealer Newsletter - Bluesheet reports weekly on the sight-unseen rare coin market for grading services: PCGS, NGC, ANACS, PCI, ICG, SEGS, NCI and INS.The Currency Dealer Newsletter - Greensheet a monthly paper money price guide.  |  A series of books reporting complete historic Bids graphed from 1980 through today providing record high coin prices as well as historic low prices for: Saint-Gaudens, Barber Dimes, Barber Quarters, Barber Half Dollars, Walking Liberty Half Dollars, Mercury Dimes, Circulated and Uncirculated Buffalo Nickels, Proof Type, Mint State Type, Gold Type, Silver Commemoratives, Morgan Dollars, Deep Mirror Prooflike (DMPL) Morgan Dollars, Peace Dollars, Gold Commemoratives, and Proof Gold Type coins.  |  Not ready to subscribe? Receive all seven of the Coin Dealer Newsletter Family of Publications current issues, which include the Coin Dealer Newsletter (Greysheet), the CDN Monthly Supplement, the CDN Quarterly I, II and III, the Certified Coin Dealer Newsletter (Bluesheet), and the Currency Dealer Newsletter (Greensheet) - all for only $17.75 (Save Over $24!). For just $6.20 more, order the Custom Deluxe Binder to keep all your CDN Newsletters organized.  |   |  CDNi the only online price guide for wholesale Bids and Asks on rare coins and currency. Register or Login here with your User ID and Password. View newsletters online, the day they are mailed.  |  The Coin Dealer Newsletter, also known as the Greysheet (because it is printed on grey paper), is the only up-to-date wholesale price guide covering U.S. coins (certified or raw). Published weekly providing coin dealers, collectors and investors with the information they need to make informed buying and selling decisions.   
Sat. January 31, 2015
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The Coin Dealer Newsletter - Since 1963: Coin Price Guide
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greysheet: coin price guide

Greysheet      Overall, dealers were pleased with business at last week’s Florida United Numismatists show in Orlando. A sizeable crowd lined up before the bourse opened and a steady stream of buyers roamed the aisles throughout most of the show. Importantly, collectors
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bluesheet: coin price guide

Bluesheet      With F.U.N. just now in the rear view mirror, a slight pickup in dealer-to-dealer sight-unseen trades has occurred with over $115K in transactions taking place over the electronic networks in the last week. By most accounts, the show was a strong one from
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Monthly Supplement: Coin Price Guide

Monthly Supplement

President Teddy Roosevelt influenced changes in all United States’ numismatic designs between 1907-1921. He became acquainted in 1908 with Victor David Brenner when Brenner was commissioned to do his portrait for the Panama Canal Service Medal. As the Centennial of Lincoln’s birth was approaching, Brenner had recently
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Greensheet: Currency Price Guide


The general market for collectable Paper Money remains quite strong, with little to imply either significant upward or downward price movements. One continuing trend certainly worth commenting about is the increasing market share being captured by auctions. Even a casual perusal of catalogs published by the big three ...Read More


Numismatic Dealer Directory Yes, the 2014 Numismatic Dealer Directory is available NOW! The only phone book for listing nearly 5,000 of the Nation's Largest Coin & Currency Dealers' addresses, phone & fax numbers, email and websites. Grading Services, Auction Houses, Wholesale Supplies, Gold Specialists, Bullion Dealers and much more are all included in the 2014 Numismatic Dealer Directory.

Graph Books: Coin Price Graph Graph Books charting rare coin prices from 1980 to 2011 currently include: Flying Eagle, Indian and Lincoln Cents; Two Cent Pieces; Three Cent Nickels; Three Cent Silvers; Shield, Liberty and Buffalo Nickels; Barber and Mercury Dimes; Twenty Cent Pieces; Bust, Seated, Standing and Washington Quarters; Bust, Barber and Walking Liberty Half Dollars, Silver Commemoratives, Morgan, DMPL and Peace Dollars; $2˝, $5 and $10 Indian Head Gold; $20 Saint-Guadens; Gold, Proof and Mint State Type; Gold Commemoratives. 2011 CDN Graph Books

Binder: Coin Price Guide PackageThe CDN Custom Deluxe Binder is available complete with our 7 most current newsletters as well as the CDN Index. It's easy to keep your binder up-to-date by simply sliding the old issues out and sliding the new ones in! CDN Custom Deluxe Binder

Online Coin and Currency Price Guide Get a jump on the most recent price changes in the wholesale market. With CDN's CDNi you can have the most current newsletters right on your desktop. Why wait for "Snail Mail" when you can view today's prices TODAY? To see the prices fresh off the presses, you need the PDF Acrobat Reader, available free.

Research Packs from the CDN Monthly Supplement Archives Have a particular Rare Coin Series that is of special interest to you? Would you like to learn more? Hear from the experts-with the CDN Research Packs. Virtually every CDN Monthly Supplement Article ever written about an individual coin or series is in these Research Packs. Order today and be more knowledgeable tomorrow.

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The Coin Dealer Newsletter, also known as the Greysheet (because it is printed on grey paper), is the only up-to-date wholesale price guide covering U.S. coins (certified or raw). Published weekly providing coin dealers, collectors and investors with the information they need to make informed buying and selling decisions.