Feature Story

10 Common Coin Collecting Mistakes & How to Avoid Them by Ross Burgess, Special To The CDN Blog
Avoid the most common pitfalls and traps associated with buying coins as a collector. Read more...


Kansas Governor Signs Bill Providing Sales-Tax Exemption by ICTA
On Thursday, May 16, 2019, Kansas governor Laura Kelly signed into law House Bill 2140, which provides a sales-tax exemption on sales of gold and silver coins and on all gold, silver, platinum, and palladium bullion. Read more...


$5,000 Gold in 2019? In My Dreams! by Joshua McMorrow-Hernandez
My heart racing, I popped up from my slumber in a cold sweat, nearly hyperventilating. I clutched the sheets… They were real. But the dream? It was just that: a dream. Read more...

Auction Results

1804 Draped Bust Dollar Sells for $2.64 Million by Heritage Auctions
The world-famous 1804 Draped Bust dollar, known as "The King of American Coins," commanded $2.64 million in a Heritage Auctions event on June 14 at the Long Beach Expo. Read more...

Paper Money [Video]

A Conversation With Paper Currency Expert Lyn Knight by CDN Publishing Video
Lyn Knight of Lyn Knight Auctions is one of the most well-respected paper currency experts in the industry, having handled some of the rarest and most valuable notes around. His currency auctions cover a wide variety of issues and appeal to the wide spectrum of paper currency collectors. Read and watch...

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