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Since 1963, the Greysheet has been the industry standard for the wholesale valuation of United States coinage. We now offer CPG (retail) values as well.

U.S. Coin Values

Federal Contract Coinage

Fugio Cents :


U.S. Coin Values

2-Cent Pieces

2-Cent Pieces : 2-Cent Pieces (Proof) :


U.S. Coin Values

3-Cent Pieces

3-Cent Silver : 3-Cent Silver (Proof) : 3-Cent Nickels : 3-Cent Nickels (Proof) :


U.S. Coin Values

20-Cent Pieces

20-Cent Pieces : 20-Cent Pieces (Proof) :


U.S. Coin Values

California Fractional Gold

Twenty Five Cents : Fifty Cents : Dollar :


U.S. Coin Values

Confederate States of America

CSA Cents : CSA Half Dollars :


U.S. Coin Values

Proof & Mint Sets

Proof Sets : Mint Sets : Special Mint Sets : Silver Ikes (Blue) : Silver Ikes (Brown) :


U.S. Coin Values

Hawaii Territory

The early coinage of Hawaii is highly collectible and, in most cases, are considerably scarce. In the case of the Hawaiian coinage, arguably the most popular of these early issues, the first one-cent coins were struck in 1847. These were followed up in 1881 with the issuance of five-cent coins and two years later, in 1883, with silver dimes, quarters, half dollars, and dollars. While many of these coins were issued with mintages beyond 100,000, relatively few are available to collectors today. When Hawaii became a United States territory in 1900, the legal-tender status of these coins was removed, and many of Hawaiian coins were melted. Specimens are difficult to locate in uncirculated condition, and the few proofs that were struck are also extremely scarce.


U.S. Coin Values

U.S. Philippines

Half Centavo : Centavo : Five Centavo : Ten Centavo : Twenty Centavo : Fifty Centavo : Peso :


U.S. Coin Values

Pattern Coinage

Patterns (Judd 1-499) : Patterns (Judd 500-999) : Patterns (Judd 1000-1499) : Patterns (Judd 1500-1999) :


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