Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The pricing of coins and currency in our publications is derived by our team using an informed mix of data from the online dealer-only trading networks of CDN Exchange and Certified Coin Exchange, auction prices realized, specialist dealer feedback, dealer wholesale buy lists, and more. While our system is proprietary, we welcome feedback on prices which we may need to reexamine.

We don't assign values for plus(+) graded coins because we feel we have too many price points already. A plus(+) coin is worth somewhere between the value of the grade and the next grade and we recommend using our extensive database of auction prices realized (APR) to make additional comparisons.

We welcome guest commentary, particularly if you are a specialist in a specific coin or currency series or genre. Please send an email to

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We cover all classic (pre-1933) regular issue U.S. coins, and while we are constantly expanding our pricing coverage, if we do not price a certain coin it is because either: a) it does not trade frequently enough to derive accurate prices or b) there is not enough collector interest. If you do not see the coin you are looking for, please email

Recent back issues can be purchased directly from us by calling 757-656-1055. Earlier publications are available to active subscribers on our past issues library.

We offered free CPG values on our web site for several years while we developed the proper technology. Now that we offer hundreds of thousands of prices and millions of auction prices realized (APR) and millions more images, we have switched to an affordable subscription model for access to our data. The rates are extremely reasonable and you can see our subscription options here.

The CDN mobile app for smartphones is free and contains regularly updated coin and currency pricing as well as a variety of other information. The CDN app is designed for Android and iOS (Apple) devices and can be downloaded from our mobile apps page.

While prices in some printed guides may not be updated for many months or even years at a time, at CDN we are constantly reevaluating listings for all of the series we cover on a frequent basis, in some cases weekly. This, combined with our comprehensive, proprietary pricing formulas means our price guides are more accurate, more up to ate, more reflective of the wholesale and retail markets than virtually any other pricing information available anywhere else in print or online.