U.S. Paper Money Values

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About U.S. Paper Money Values

Since 1986, the Greensheet has been the industry standard for the wholesale valuation of United States paper money. We now offer CPG (retail) values as well.

U.S. Paper Money Values

Colonial & Continental Currency

Continental Currency : Connecticut : Delaware : Georgia : Louisiana : Maryland : Massachussetts : New Hampshire : New Jersey : New York : North Carolina : Pennsylvania : Rhode Island : South Carolina : Vermont : Virginia :


U.S. Paper Money Values

Small Size National Bank Notes

Type One : Type Two :


U.S. Paper Money Values

Fractional Currency

First Issue : Second Issue : Third Issue : Fourth Issue : Fifth Issue :


U.S. Paper Money Values

Military Payment Certificates

Series 461 : Series 471 : Series 472 : Series 481 : Series 521 : Series 541 : Series 591 : Series 611 : Series 641 : Series 651 : Series 661 : Series 681 : Series 691 : Series 692 : Series 701 :


U.S. Paper Money Values

Confederate & Southern States

Confederate States :


U.S. Paper Money Values

Encased Postage

Postage stamps encased in a brassy-metal housing were invented by A.M. Gault in 1861 to alleviate a severe shortage of coinage. They were issued only in 1861 by a handful of private businesses. A piece of mica (clear plastic) was used to protect the stamp in its frame. A small number of these fascinating paper money-token crossover items survive today and very few in top quality condition. This is a collectible worthy of greater attention as values have not been well defined for items of superior condition.


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