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The CPG® Coin & Currency Market Review is the leading retail price guide reference of all CPG® values of U.S. coins and currency. This full-color magazine offers the reader a handy and indispensable reference of current price values. Dealers and collectors alike love this publication.

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The CPG Market Review subscription package includes 4 quarterly issues each year (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall).

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CPG® Coin & Currency Market Review

The 100-plus-page CPG Coin & Currency Market Review is one of several pricing resources available from CDN Publishing, which launched in 1963. The quarterly CPG guide first hit the streets in winter 2018 and provides ask (or retail) pricing. Ask is the amount that a dealer will request when selling to others. However, a dealer may sometimes ask a higher or lower price depending upon the individual condition of the piece being transacted.

YOU'VE FOUND THE MOST ACCURATE & COMREHENSIVE RETAIL PRICE GUIDE in the U.S. rare coin and paper money marketplace.

As the information in the CPG guide is frequently updated and based on pricing data we receive from a variety of reliable resources, it is more accurate and reflective of the current marketplace than the other price guides around — which, in many cases, may be updated on only yearly intervals or even less frequently. The CPG fills a significant niche in the industry because it offers the latest retail values for coins and currency and is trusted by both coin collectors and dealers.

Using the CPG® Coin & Currency Market Review

The CPG Coin & Currency Market Review is a full-color quarterly retail price guide offering the latest pricing data for a full range of US coins and paper currency. Serving as a complementary pricing resource alongside the Monthly Greysheet wholesale price guide, CPG Coin & Currency Market Review offers dealers essential information to price coins for retail trade and provides customers a glimpse on what they may expect to pay for coins and currency.

Additionally, CPG Coin & Currency Market Review delivers exclusive features and commentary on a wide variety of numismatic topics. This indispensable guide, published four times a year, has quickly become one of the most popular coin publications among both dealers and collectors. Online editions are available on Issuu so they can be conveniently downloaded anywhere, including your mobile device.

How do we determine pricing?

CPG prices are derived from anecdotal dealer information, “ask” prices listed on marketplace exchanges, auction results, other forms of electronic trading, and information from other types of public and private trades involving individual coins. We also have a large network of major coin and currency dealers who provide us with pricing information on a regular basis. All of this information, combined with our team’s extensive knowledge of the marketplace, helps us to provide the pricing we publish in the CPG guide.

The values reflected in the CPG guide are for coins and currency that are accurately graded and in original, problem-free condition. Pieces that are cleaned, damaged, or otherwise subpar for their grade will generally trade for prices lower than those published in the CPG guide. Naturally, pieces that are exceptional for their grade — perhaps those with desirable toning or exhibiting sharper-than-average strike — are bound to trade for higher prices than listed in the guide.

What's covered each quarter?

We cover the entire gamut of US coins and paper money! From Colonials and early American copper to bullion, commemoratives, Federal Reserve Notes, and much more, the CPG guide offers a comprehensive analysis of where the retail marketplace is now. While most of the prices published in the CPG guide are accurate for the entirety of the publication date on the cover, there are exceptions, especially those involving bullion coinage. Therefore, we are updating prices for these and other volatile pieces as frequently as every four hours, and these and all other CPG values are available for free on the CDN Pricing App and online at

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