Dealers only: join our exclusive exchange and take your business to the next level.

CDNX is an online b2b platform where members post bids and asks to trade NGC- and PCGS-certified coins. CDNX's active members include the country's largest coin dealers and auction houses, like Heritage Auctions, Legend Numismatics, Stack's Bowers, CAC, David Lawrence Rare Coins, and more.

Membership starts at just $150/month and can be cancelled at any time.

CDNX members pay a monthly fee for digital access and ability to post market “bids” and “asks” on our dealer-only exchange, as well as post private communications among members. The CDN publications of Greysheet, CPG Coin & Currency Market Review, and Greensheet use the market data and communications from CDNX to inform our wholesale and retail price guides, which are available for purchase in print, or online.

E-mail CDNX Support to arrange a conversation, or call 757-656-1055, to arrange a meeting.

CDNX members are carefully vetted and only those members who uphold the strictest integrity and respect for trading partners and their clients are approved. Once approved, CDNX members can display the CDNX logo on their website and gain distinction on eBay with the CDNX logo next to all of their listings.

Sell better on eBay! CDNX members stand out from the crowd on eBay with this CDNX logo for eBay logo on all marketplace listings.


The CDN Exchange Seller’s Pledge to Consumers

Members in CDNX pledge to to uphold the following essential values in all of their transactions, with the understanding the failure to do so may and can result in immediate suspension of account membership.

As a CDN Exchange (CDNX) member, I hereby pledge to:

  • Sell a majority of certified material by an industry-respected grading service like PCGS, NGC, PMG, PCGS Currency. (The selling of coins and currency in other holders, or uncertified, may be scrutinized by the CDNX integrity board for its potential to deceive buyers.)
  • Treat all customers with utmost respect and do whatever is possible, in a reasonable situation, to rectify any misunderstandings with a buyer.
  • Never knowingly buy or sell stolen items and willingly assist authorities in recovering these items.
  • Never knowingly buy or sell counterfeit, or altered, items unless explicitly designated as such.
  • Correctly represent the quality and value of the items sold, including full disclosure of any counterfeit items or items with alterations and/or significant post-mint damage.
  • Pay fair and reasonable prices for the coins bought and charge fair and reasonable prices on the coins offered for sale.
  • Promptly deliver paid goods to customers and offer reasonable customer arbitration terms for each transaction.
  • Join the CDN Exchange with the full knowledge that violation of the terms above, including misrepresentation of any item’s investment potential, the harassment of customers in any way, or execution of an uncomfortable sales experience without satisfactory remediation is grounds for immediate removal from the CDN Exchange.

The CDN Pledge to Members and Collectors

At CDN Publishing, we understand the marketplace is constantly progressing, and we will amend and/or revise our consumer pledge to address new areas of concern in the marketplace as technology changes or business norms and customs evolve. In addition to ensuring that the CDN Exchange contains only individuals who understand and abide by our code of ethics, we also adhere to the above ethical guidelines in dealing with clients and other interests.

Our goal is to guide buyers to safe transactions in a marketplace that has many pitfalls and dangers to consumers. Shopping with a CDNX member is a great way for buyers to feel safe that they are dealing with a well-established professional in the hobby.

The Benefits of CDN Exchange

eBay Partnership

CDNX logo for eBay CDNX has an exclusive arrangement with eBay as our marketplace partner. Participating CDNX members will have the CDN logo appear on their eBay listings, which differentiates them as being part of this exclusive group and credibility as vetted sellers on the platform.

Buy & sell U.S. coins, U.S. paper money & Modern China issues from your desktop!

Less travel means less expense and less risk. Stay home and do more business.

See your bids in print!

CDNX is the only exchange where your bids will be reflected directly in the Greysheet, Bluesheet & Greensheet publications.

The Only Exchange with CAC-posted Bids

CDNX is the only exchange where the CAC company posts their bids to buy.

Over 3 million auction records!

All plans include access to over 3 million auction records.

CDN Pricing Included

Your CDNX membership includes wholesale pricing from the CDN Publications: Greysheet, Bluesheet, Greensheet and CPG.

Customer Support

We offer personal support to help you at any time.

Best value in the business

Our membership is only $150 per month. Keep your costs down and your volume up!

Coming soon... Inventory Management

In late 2020, CDNX will be adding features to help dealers manage their inventory and sell on 3rd party sites like eBay and Heritage.